New year, new activities at Fortress of Culture


January in the Fortress of Culture always begins with planning, i.e. compiling a list of tasks and activities that await us in the next 356 days. It seems to us that every year this list is getting longer, which means new challenges - we can't wait to put ticks in front of them when the time comes!

Thus, in 2021 (among other activities) we expect:

  • rearrangement of the interior of the St. Michael Fortress and the City of Points;
  • development of fortress mobile application;
  • the arrival of some other realities, i.e. the implementation of new modern technological solutions at our fortresses (VR);
  • continuation of activities in 3 European projects - FORTITUDE, EMOUNDERGROUNDS and Connecting Cinemas;
  • completion of works at the House of Arts Arsen and its preparation for opening;
  • exploration of undiscovered secrets of fortification heritage and historical sites in the area (read more about recent findings here);
  • summer concert season - we alreday expect Black Pumas, Asaf Avidan, Marc Almond and Jack Savoretti (hopefully in the full capacity of the auditorium of the St. Michael's Fortress);
  • continuation of works on the St. John Fortress.

In addition, the most important daily task is to provide visitors of the fortress valuable memories. To all who have not yet visited the fortresses of St. Michael's and Barone, during January fortresses are open to visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, from 8 AM to 4 PM. The daily ticket price includes the use of accompanying digital contents - 3D mapping and audio guides - at the St. Michael's Fortress and augmented reality (AR) tour at Barone Fortress.

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