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The Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik was established in June 2016. It evolved from the Department for the Management of Fortification System Facilities within the Šibenik City Museum, which was founded in 2014.

Today, our institution is responsible for the management of three meticulously restored Šibenik fortresses: St. Michael's, Barone, and St. John's Fortress. Since May 2021, the Fortress of Culture also manages the House of Arts Arsen, a new city venue for music, stage events, cinema screenings, plays, and exhibitions.

Furthermore, from June 2023, we manage the Croatian Coral Center on Zlarin, where the centuries-old tradition of coral cultivation on this small island in the Šibenik archipelago is presented in an innovative and captivating manner.

The Fortress of Culture also administers City Point, the information center for Šibenik's fortresses, promoting the various activities and programs held at the fortresses while serving as a ticket sales point in the Šibenik city center.



Fortress of Culture is synonym for excellence in cultural heritage management and in cultural events organization. 



Fortress of Culture takes care of Šibenik's fortification system heritage and manages its sustainable use by organizing cultural events for citizens and visitors of Šibenik.



  • Generating a variety of programs for all generations throughout the year: This involves creating diverse cultural and social activities that cater to different age groups and interests.

  • Providing a platform for the development and encouragement of creative industries: Supporting and fostering growth within creative sectors such as art, music, and design.

  • Continuous development and education while attracting new audiences: Investing in high-quality content to engage existing audiences while also drawing in new ones.

  • Strengthening collaboration between the cultural, tourism, and entrepreneurial sectors: Working together to contribute to economic growth and mutual benefit.

  • Inspiring innovative, modern, and sustainable cultural heritage management: Implementing thoughtful strategies and promoting the sites managed by Fortress of Culture with sustainability in mind.

  • Positioning Šibenik on the global cultural and artistic map: Establishing the city as a prominent cultural and artistic destination year-round, attracting tourists and recognition from around the world.


Public Cultural Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik

Vodička 4, 22000 Šibenik

+385 (0)91 497 55 47

PIN: 09301205081

IBAN: HR2324020061844400003


Director: Gorana Barišić Bačelić



02/2024 Elector Award - Bonobo at st. Michael's Fortress - Event of the year

12/2023 Ambasador Award - Bonobo at st. Michael's Fortress - Event of the year

10/2022 Cultural Attraction of the Year - House of Art Arsen (Croatian National Tourist Board)

10/2022  Acknowledgement for the manifestation The Night of the Fortresses, Event of the Year (Croatian National Tourist Board)

11/2020 EFFORTS award for the best European Fortress Day 2020 programme (EFFORTS general assembly, Oudenaarde)

10/2020 Cultural Heritage in Action Catalogue Of Good Practices, Fortress of Culture Šibenik 

12/2018 Zlatna Buola – Fortress of Culture Šibenik (Šibenik-knin county Tourist Bord, Šibenik)

11/2018 EFFORTS award for the best European Fortress Day 2018 programme (EFFORTS general assembly, Venice)

03/2018 Economía Creativa recognition - Cultural Heritage: Innovative Audience Development Best Practices - Šibenik Fortresses Friends Club  

05/2017 Silver MIXX Award Virtual and Augumented Reality – Barone Fortress: Storytelling in AR (MIXX Europe Awards, Amsterdam)

03/2017 Editors Choice - St. Michael's Fortress signage system  (authors: Karlo Kazinoti, Mišo Komenda, Iris Klarić)

(IIID Awards, Intern. Institute of Information Technology, Vienna)

03/2017 Golden Plautilla Award – Quality and innovation in historical cities management; Bronze Plautilla Award – Barone Fortress (International Congress of Ancient Cities, Solin)

02/2017 Grand PRiX Best Communication Project in Public Sector in 2016 (Croatian Public Relations Association)

12/2016 Zlatna Buola – Barone Fortress, Cultural Attraction of the Year (Šibenik-knin county Tourist Bord, Šibenik)

10/2016 Cultural Attraction of the Year - Barone Fortress (Croatian National Tourist Board)

09/2016 Best Croatian movie – documentary film Barone (Zagreb Tourfilm Festival, Zagreb Tourist Board)

02/2016 MIXX Award: Inovative Use of technology – Barone Fortress: Storytelling in AR (Communication Days, Rovinj)

02/2015 Grand PRiX: Best Communication Project in Public Sector in 2014 (Croatian Public Relations Association)

10/2014 Cultural Attraction of the Year - St. Michael’s Fortress (Croatian National Tourist Board)


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