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Yammat loves Jack Savoretti - 2022!

New concert date - July 30th!


One of the most interesting singer-songwriters of the European indie-pop scene, Jack Savoretti will have to wait 2022 for his Croatian premiere. Despite the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the summer tour is postponed to next year. 

Purchased tickets remain valid for the new concert date.

Those who want to return their tickets can do so only at the points of sale where tickets were purchased. Ticket refund will run from June 4th to July 30th 2021 (the date the concert was scheduled to take place).


This English musician of Italian roots will perform the greatest hits from his 14-year-long career from six published albums in total. Seen as he performed in the biggest and most beautiful stages around the world, such as Wembley Stadium and Teatro La Fenice opera house, he will, without a doubt, equally captivate the audience in Šibenik.

Savoretti's music found its place on famous TV-shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, and One Tree Hill, while his live performances of Catapult and Only You on The Graham Norton Show became recognizable to the global auditorium. Within his authorship, Savoretti has always chosen to walk the more challenging paths, not digressing from ideas that have made him more distinct over the years. His persistence was worthwhile. He held numerous concerts on respectable European stages, and also in highly noted festivals, like the Swiss Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Inspired by the '60s sound, his biggest role models for songwriting were the great Simon & Garfunkel and Serge Gainsbourg. He is often linked to big music icons due to his strong yet soft lyrics filled with emotion that easily find their way to the audience. A good example is his masterly single Candlelight from the recent album Singing to Strangers. Patient and faithful to himself, Savoretti made the tops of British music charts with over 120 thousand sold copies of the album he had re-made in December of 2019 with special editions of two previously recorded singles.

Singing to Strangers was recorded by Savoretti's wish in an old church basement in Rome – inside the music studio that was launched in 1969 by the legendary Ennio Morricone. Apart from Candlelight, the songs Love Is on the Line, What More Can I Do, and the collaboration with the diva Kylie Minogue Music's Too Sad Without You received biggest attention from the audiences. The video for the duet with Minogue was filmed inside the famous Teatro La Fenice opera house only hours before their joint performance there.



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