Revitalization Project

Project of revitalisation of St. John's Fortress area

Revitalization of the St. John's Fortress is the largest project ever awarded to the City of Šibenik from European Union funds. On January 29th, 2016., the project was submitted to the tender "Preparation and implementation of integrated development programs based on the restoration of cultural heritage." On the first day of August of the same year, an agreement was officially signed, by which the City of Šibenik received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

The project was officially completed on June 3rd, 2022., when there was a ceremony held at St. John's Fortress on the occasion of the completion of the revitalization project. The renovated Fortress thus opened its doors to visitors, which, after the reconstruction of the St. Michael's Fortress and the Fortress Barone, completed the reconstruction of the Šibenik fortification system.



  • With the revitalization of theSt. John's Fortress, two parts of the fortress were restored and equipped, the northern part known as "Pliers" and the southern part called "Star". Within the area of ​​the St. John's Fortress, with a total area of ​​18,657 square meters, over 5 and a half thousand square meters of ramparts were renovated, innovative facilities, attractions and products were introduced.
  • St. John's Fortress also housed an Educational Campus equipped with smart interactive classrooms, dormitories and presentation spaces. He will also provide quality accommodation with accompanying thematic programs that will greatly contribute to the extension of the tourist season as well as a longer stay of visitors in Šibenik.



  • improvement of tourist and cultural offer of Šibenik by fortress renovation and development of innovative contents tailored to different groups of visitors
  • creating a network of local DMO's and DMC's with the aim of creating a high value added content and enhancing strategic management of cultural heritage
  • creating a foundation for sustainable management of Šibenik's resources and tourist and cultural offer
  • positioning Šibenik as a cultural and tourist attraction where tradition and modern technology are successfully blended
  • revitalized St. John's Fortress represents a place of promotion for (local) small and medium entrepreneurs (SME's). In this way, with the direct to increased number of tourist visits and of employees.

With this project, the City of Šibenik continues to renew its fortification system (St. Michael's Fortress - Barone Fortress - St. John's Fortress - St. Nicholas Fortress), which is a significant element of local and national cultural heritage.


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