Revitalization Project

Barone: Redescovering the rich past, the way to a successful future

European Regional Development Fund, IPA IIIC

Location: Šibenik  

Project Management: City of Šibenik

Partners: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of University in Zagreb; István Dobó Castle Museum; Šibenik City Museum; Šibenik Tourist Board


Achitectural studio 25,4mm d.o.o.

Project team:

Ivana Lozić,

Marko Paić, ing.arch.

Petar Reljanović, ing.aedif.

Antonio Šunjerga, designer

Date of commencement and end of the project: June 17th, 2014 to January 21st, 2016

Project value: 1.377.165,38 EUR

EU funds financing: 993.900,25 EUR

Co-financing from own funds:  383.265,13 EUR 



General objective:

  • Contribute to improve public and tourism related infrastructure in order to increase the Šibenik-Knin County welfare.
  • Contribute to promotion of cultural attractions and boosting of local SMEs by providing high-tech innovative services.

Specific objective:

  • Establish an innovative and unique regional cultural attraction and a platform for promotion of local SMEs in the tourist sector


Project outcomes

  • Infrastructural works on the renovation of the fortress, equipment of the gastro-cultural centre, the children's playground, and the construction of amphitheatre.
  • Within the high-tech content, a historical documentary has been made.
  • The augmented reality platform and other multimedia features have been purchased and equipped.
  • Various educational programmes:
    • Management of the cultural goods - participants were future employees of the managing structure of the Barone Fortress
    • New possibilities for presentation on the revitalized Barone Fortress - participants were SME's from Šibenik-Knin county
    • How old stories can become the new tourist attractions – the art of storytelling and augmented reality in the new-age tourism - participants were tour guides 
  • Study of tourist needs, preferences and trends in Šibenik-Knin county has been made, along with various tourist packages which include Barone Fortress.
  • An exclusive ecological brandBarone has been developed. It was used for the presentation of the traditional gastro-cultural products on the Fortress. 
  • Barone Fortress has been promoted on the international tourist Fair in Vienna.


Barone Fortress today

  • A recognizable monument of cultural heritage in the city of Šibenik, daily accessible to visitors, which promotes revalorization and revitalization of Croatian cultural assets.
  • A unique tourist attraction, which combines the past, present and the future by displaying the circumstances of a vital historical event through modern technology.
  • Promotes the celebrated Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.
  • Barone Fortress becomes a top destination in the region, thus contributing to the image of the Republic of Croatia, and especially the city of Šibenik, as must-see destinations of cultural and historical tourism.


Postavke pristupačnosti

Dear visitors,

On June 28th, Barone Fortress will be open for visitors until 7PM.

On June 29th, Barone Fortress will be open for visitors until 8PM.