Revitalization Project

Barone: Redescovering the rich past, the way to a successful future

European Regional Development Fund, IPA IIIC

Location: Šibenik  

Project Management: City of Šibenik

Partners: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of University in Zagreb; István Dobó Castle Museum; Šibenik City Museum; Šibenik Tourist Board


Achitectural studio 25,4mm d.o.o.

Project team:

Ivana Lozić,

Marko Paić, ing.arch.

Petar Reljanović, ing.aedif.

Antonio Šunjerga, designer

Date of commencement and end of the project: June 17th, 2014 to January 21st, 2016

Project value: 1.377.165,38 EUR

EU funds financing: 993.900,25 EUR

Co-financing from own funds:  383.265,13 EUR 



General objective:

  • Contribute to improve public and tourism related infrastructure in order to increase the Šibenik-Knin County welfare.
  • Contribute to promotion of cultural attractions and boosting of local SMEs by providing high-tech innovative services.

Specific objective:

  • Establish an innovative and unique regional cultural attraction and a platform for promotion of local SMEs in the tourist sector


Project outcomes

  • Infrastructural works on the renovation of the fortress, equipment of the gastro-cultural centre, the children's playground, and the construction of amphitheatre.
  • Within the high-tech content, a historical documentary has been made.
  • The augmented reality platform and other multimedia features have been purchased and equipped.
  • Various educational programmes:
    • Management of the cultural goods - participants were future employees of the managing structure of the Barone Fortress
    • New possibilities for presentation on the revitalized Barone Fortress - participants were SME's from Šibenik-Knin county
    • How old stories can become the new tourist attractions – the art of storytelling and augmented reality in the new-age tourism - participants were tour guides 
  • Study of tourist needs, preferences and trends in Šibenik-Knin county has been made, along with various tourist packages which include Barone Fortress.
  • An exclusive ecological brandBarone has been developed. It was used for the presentation of the traditional gastro-cultural products on the Fortress. 
  • Barone Fortress has been promoted on the international tourist Fair in Vienna.


Barone Fortress today

  • A recognizable monument of cultural heritage in the city of Šibenik, daily accessible to visitors, which promotes revalorization and revitalization of Croatian cultural assets.
  • A unique tourist attraction, which combines the past, present and the future by displaying the circumstances of a vital historical event through modern technology.
  • Promotes the celebrated Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.
  • Barone Fortress becomes a top destination in the region, thus contributing to the image of the Republic of Croatia, and especially the city of Šibenik, as must-see destinations of cultural and historical tourism.


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