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monday - friday 

2 PM - 9 PM

saturday - sunday

9 AM - 9 PM


St. John's Fortress is open to all visitors during regular business hours until the end of June.

Come and discover the largest land fortress in Šibenik!




St. John's Fortress consists of two parts:

  • "star" - a fortified southern part of the fortress
  • "pliers" - an outer fortification in the northern part below which there is an educational campus.

There is only one input / output to the star part. It is located on the south side, on the access road.

From the entrance on, the access road leads to the pliers.



The fortress has spacious and modern sanitary facilities adapted to the capacity of the fortress and sanitary facilities adapted for people with disabilities, both in the star and in the area of ​​the pliers for the needs of visitors.



The catering facility and shop are open during the working hours of the fortress.



Dogs are allowed to enter the fortress, accompanied by the owner. Dogs must be on a leash at all times during their stay.

The use of drones or other unmanned aerial vehicles in the area of ​​Šibenik fortresses is prohibited.


St. John's Fortress does not have its own parking lot, and the nearest one is next to the walls of the Barone Fortress. It is a free parking lot for visitors to the fortress, which is open during the opening hours of the Barone Fortress.

Visitors can also use the available parking spaces in the vicinity of the fortress. The closest ones are on the northeast side of the fortress, on a slope towards the town part Šubićevac.

The nearest official city parking spaces are located in Težačka Street and on the Put Gimnazije Road. More information and parking possibilities in Šibenik can be found on the website of Gradski parking d.o.o. Šibenik in charge of managing the official city parking lots.

Postavke pristupačnosti

Dear visitors,

On June 28th, Barone Fortress will be open for visitors until 7PM.

On June 29th, Barone Fortress will be open for visitors until 8PM.