Šibenik's fortresses welcome music and say goodbye to plastic


The one-day festival Let's ROCK! that will be held on June 21st at St. Michael's Fortress, will bring back music to stage, after months-long silence caused by the coronavirus. Starting with this first post-coronavirus festival, specially designed reusable cups will replace previously used disposable plastic cups at all events occurring at the fortresses, with the goal to diminish waste volumes in the city.

The production of reusable cups was financed within the Šibenik Zero Waste City project that will be conducted over the next 2 years with the aim of initiating numerous ecological activities and educating visitors and citizens of Šibenik on the importance of environment protection, as well as waste separation and recycling. The project leader is the association Mladi u EU, whose project partners are City of Šibenik government board, Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik, and Zeleni grad, Šibenik utilities contractor.



One of the first novelties introduced in collaboration with Fortress of Culture Šibenik is the setting of new standards for festivals and other events held at Šibenik's fortresses through reusable cup utilization instead of previously used disposable plastic cups. 

- These specially designed reusable cups made from polypropylene will see their premiere on June 21st at St. Michael's fortress. The crisis brought onto us by the coronavirus gave us an additional wake-up call regarding the relevance of responsible demeanor towards the environment and nature protection. Highly anticipated Let's ROCK! festival, this year's first, marks an excellent moment to put into practice washable, reusable cups for beverage consumption, thus also including our visitors into endeavors of making Šibenik clean and an example of responsible conduct towards waste and environment - said Vera Jergović Bolanča from Fortress of Culture Šibenik.

On the first day of summer, which is also World Music Day, Šibenik's citizens will enjoy the performances by acclaimed names of Croatian alternative music scene, such as The Fogsellers, Pi, Porto Morto, Ichabod, Ischariotzcky, Jonathan, J. R. August, Lovely Quinces, Nipplepeople, Pocket Palma and Rolo. All those musicians will exchange performances over several stages at St. Michael's fortress.



Apart from promoting environment protection in festivals and other events in the city and its surrounding areas, and also setting up educational activities for the citizens, Šibenik Zero Waste City project will also be serving for providing infrastructure capable of ensuring responsible waste management.

So, in May, the project was officially launched via an art competition for elementary school children, whose vision of a World without Waste will embellish smart Big Belly press containers in city streets. In collaboration with Šibenik's utilities contractor Zeleni grad, Šibenik's streets will get three Big Belly containers, there will be 15 waste separation receptacles at the fortresses, and also 20 separation receptacles on Šibenik's beaches.

The project is fully-funded by money donated by The Coca-Cola Foundation.


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