Fortress ReInvented example of good practice of Strategy 21


Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture has included Fortress ReInvented - Innovative Approach And Digital Contents In Historical Fortification Monuments as the example of good practice of Strategy 21 implemetation. The focus of this year is aimed at the best practices and educational projects about cultural heritage. It leans on the main subject of European Heritage Days 2020 – Heritage and Educaction.

Besides Šibenik, Ministry of Culture has included six more examples from Croatia that are presented on Council of Europe website.

Fortress ReInvented is pointed out as the positive example of using innovative techniques to present cultural heritage to the public. Two underground water tanks at the St. Michael's Fortress that date back to 15th century are being transformed into time machines. On their walls, using 3D mapping technology, the legend of the city's origin is revived and turbulent history of the fortress presented.

Besides that, future visitors of St. Michael's Fortress will have the opportunity to take an individual tour with an audio-digital guide that activates automatically at 12 different points, presenting 12 different themes, or better say 12 crucial moments in the fortress' history.

Strategy 21 (European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century) redefines the place and role of cultural heritage in Europe and provides guidelines to promote good governance and participation in heritage identification and management, and disseminates innovative approaches to improving the environment and quality of life of European citizens.

By this nomination, Šibenik's project has been listed among the successful examples of implementation of modern management in culture that are not longer based on questions 'why' or 'when' we need to preserve or improve our heritage, but the emphasis is on the users of cultural content.

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