"The Queen Symphony" postponed: New date - 29 June!




Bought tickets will be valid for the new date


The concert of singing company Kolo and Croatian armed forces symphony orchestra „The Queen Symphony“, which was supposed to be held today, June 10th, is being postponed by the decision of organizer due to announced unpredictable and unfavorable weather conditions. New date of concert is scheduled for Wednesday June 29th 2016.

''Unfortunately, due to extremely unfavorable and unpredictable weather conditions that will last for the next couple of days, we are forced to postpone the announced concert, in an endeavour to secure good conditions for outdoors pastime to audience and performers as well. Numerous visitors come from all parts of Dalmatia, so we cannot wait for a better conditions in the last moment. We wanted to start summer atmosphere as soon as possible, but the weather has decided to hold on a bit and there is nothing we can do about it. What we can do is announce to our audience that the bought tickets will be valid for the new date of concert, June 29th, declared Gorana Barišić Bačelić, the manager of Fortresses of Šibenik.

Bought tickets will be valid for the new term of concert. If buyers of tickets for „The Queen Symphony“ decide to return them, refund for tickets that were bought on fortresses st Michael and Barone, will be done exclusively on cash registers of fortresses where they were bought with tickets and bills shown. The refund will start on Monday June 13th (working hours from Monday till Sunday, 8 – 21 h).

Other tickets can be returned exclusively on selling points where they were bought.
Eventim system: Tickets bought online or via prepayment
, it is necessary to contact Eventim on number 060 555 000 in the period from 9 till 18 h on a work day and send to address Eventim d.o.o., Vice Vukova 8, 10000 Zagreb. In the case that tickets were bought by internet purchase and paid by credit card, the refund will be done on the same card that was charged for sale. If the payment was done in advance or via prepayment on an e-mail address, it is necessary to ask for refund and deliver the address and data of valid account on which the refund will be executed.
Croatia tickets: The refund of means for tickets bought within Croatia tickets system is possible to achieve by contacting on e-mail:

Thank you for understanding in advance, we are at your disposal for all the questions.

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