The new appearance of the visitor center on St. Michael's Fortress by Brigada


Through the project FORTITUDE - Historical Fortresses Intensifying cross-border Tourism Development, St. Michael's Fortress will receive a number of new contents in the interior, which include new technological and spatial solutions in the souvenir shop and information desk of the fortress, permanent exhibition in the museum room and in the part of the underground space of the fortress, as well as in the City Point information center located in the old town of Sibenik.

Improving and furnishing the interior of the fortress will improve the experience of daily visitors, while the interiors will at the same time retain their multifunctionality. Creative agency Brigada from Zagreb was selected for this project through a public procurement procedure, and a contract was signed for the management of the work, solutions and content design in the visitor center of the St. Michael's Fortress.

The FORTITUDE project seeks to enrich the tourist offer and improve the tourist attractiveness of fortified sites in the program area by creating and promoting a new tourist offer and products, to which the new look and content within the fortress will greatly contribute.

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