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Fototera (light-hunt; gr. fōs, fotόs = light; thēra = hunt)

Fototera is a title of exhibition of two photographers who have captured moments, feelings and experiences of last year's events held on the St. Michael's Fortress open-air stage.

The St. Michael's Fortress stage performers are some of the interesting motives reflected in an intriguing play of light and shadow in photos of Željko Krnčević and Matko Jakelić.

However, the backstage scenes form a special place: the authors made no difference between the artists portraits and potraits of other participators in the concert realization, like  the security guards or waiters – this another view on large concert events undoubtedly provides an intimate character to the exhibition.

A fine camera angle, high-quality composition, the light and shade ratio and the most impressive – very good timing are inherent in these photos – they witness the moments between the blink of an eye, permanently caught in a light-hunt of these two authors.

St. Michael's Fortress is a great choice, whether captured as the main scene of a concert, or as the supporting actor in the authors' photos. This exibition, an events calendar of sorts, is also showing the artistic point of view and exceptional use of the camera by these two exceptional photographers. Artistic photography is revealing a new life of the medieval fortress and is giving an added value to this essential cultural monument of Šibenik's history.

On authors:

Željko Krnčević

was born in 1959. He is a member of Šibenik Photoclub since 1973, and he's been engaged in amateur and, for professional purposes, documentary photography ever since. He participated in several solo and collective exhibitions, and his work has been displayed and won multiple awards at domestic and international photo contests. Finishing the cycle of landscapes and beautiful moments that Nature presents us with, he finds a new pleasure in theatrical photography, but also in experimentation with other various genres. In 2015, he acquired the rank of Photography Master in the Croatian Photographic Union.

Matko Jakelić

was born in 1982, and is a member of Šibenik Photoclub since 2007. He participated in several collective exhibitions organized by the Šibenik Photoclub, which were followed by solo ones. Along with the large number of noted wedding photos, Matko also worked in theatrical photograpy. Besides that, he started a travel photography cycle, focusing on exotic  locations, such as Šibenik – Dakar after which a renowned exhibition was held.


Where it all Began

St. Michael's Fortress is a Šibenik brand, the symbol of cultural and touristic transformation of the city. Reconstructed with EU funds, since its opening in June 2014, it became a cultural and historical attraction, as well as the platform for development of cultural innovations, witnessed only in part by two prestigious national awards. Glowing in a new attire, with the unique feature – amphitheatrical open-air stage, St. Michael's Fortress in its two seasons became a cultural center of the region, and the leading concert venue of Dalmatia, with over 250 thousand visits and more than 40 evening events. Among the walls from which a medieval town has risen, new values and unique experiences are being created today.

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