Stanić and Frangeš opened the Side B programme


St. Michael Fortress, the Cultural attraction in 2014, recently celebrated its first birthday, has had over 145,000 visitors, hosted renowned local and international artists, and last night introduced two new programs that will be held this season in the interior of the Fortress: Hommage to Martin Kolunić Rota and Side B.


Zvonimir Vila, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb - Department of Graphic techniques. Thanks to his mentor, professor Paro, during his student days he began to study the technique of etching and the basics of graphic medieval traditions to which he remains true to this day. Zhis year, master Zvonimir Vila is situated daily at St. Michael's Fortress, where he will demonstrate the strength of his artistic abilities, but also the traditional, medieval graphic techniques. All of his artworks will be dedicated to the famous graphic artist and etching artist born in 1532 in Šibenik - Martin Kolunić Rota.

Mr. Zvonimir Vila, one of the best academic graphic artists of the younger generation and also the resident artist of the Fortress was presented in his graphic workshop. Many guests attended the presentation, and among them was the representative of the City of Šibenik, Mrs. Mirjana Žurić who stated on this occasion:

''The City of Šibenik welcomes you to St. Michael's Fortress and we also welcome the idea to connect the past that lives here on the Fortress with the present, and the opportunity for all of the visitors of the Fortress to be acquainted with the technique which was in use since the 15th century. ''

''I must say that in Croatia I still have not found a single place that is open to the public daily, and also represents an artist's workshop. However, to the mutual satisfaction of  St. Michael's Fortress and Mr. Zvonimir Vila, who has been living graphics his whole life, in the coming months our visitors will have the chance to experience the entire process of creating graphics up to the stage where they become a work of art. '' stated Gorana Barišić Bačelić, head of the Department for Management of Fortification System Facilities and announced that the program Hommage to Martin Kolunić Rota, besides its educational  side and an original memory, will develop an exhibition and catalog so the entire program is completed and marked.


New art program organized by St. Michael's Fortress which will bring famous names of music, dance and performing arts underneath the amphitheatre of the most beautiful stage started last night with the concert of the famous jazz pianist Neven Frangeš and one of the best contemporary Croatian guitarists and accordion players, who along with numerous awards has won 17 Porin's - Elvis Stanić!

The intimate atmosphere of the stage in stone under the amphitheather grandstand perfectly connected the jazz performances of two excellent artists and once again perfectly blended the heritage with the contemporary.

After the performances of jazz classics and author works, the Side B program continues with a concert of yet another Porin winners, the band Detour from Zagreb, and in co-organization with the Dance Festival we are expecting  a dance performance by a known dancer of contemporary dance Mitja Obed & M Dance Company in Šibenik, July 21. The Side B continues with Kaja Farzsky on August 10th, while the September 4th is reserved for the concert of academic saxophonists united in Papandopulo quartet who will present their interpretation of the famous composers from Vivaldi to Gershwin.

All of the Side B programs are completely free for all members of the Friends Club of St. Michael’s Fortress, as well as for foreign visitors of the Fortress who will be able to enjoy the program after purchasing their daily ticket. All others are welcome to the concerts at the price of daily admission prices.

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