Side B presents its first foreign guest of the season: Sexteto Milonguero (ARG)


Side B, the artistic programme that offers a view on the other side of St. Michael's summer stage, starts on Wednesday, 15 June. Designed as a programme with an intimate atmosphere for local and foreign visitors, it presents its first foreign guest – performance of the Argentinian band Sexteto Milonguero. A group from Buenos Aires celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and it was formed with a sole purpose – playing a danceful tango repertoire, focused on 40's Classics. The show in Šibenik is a part of their European tour, and so, the St. Michael's Fortress will also shine as milonga, a place where tango is danced. This Latino treat is just an ouverture of the eventful programme that awaits us this season below the stage.

Sexteto Milonguero is consisted by Mauricio Host on bandoneon (tango accordion), Marisol Canessa and Gustavo Garay on violins, Cristian Sepulveda on double bass, accompanied by Juan Rivero on piano, and with unforgettable voice of Javier Di Ciriaco. The concert starts at 9 PM.

All programmes within Side B are still free for all Friends Club members! They are welcome to enjoy the shows with their membership card, as are all visitors with daily tickets.

Also, Friends Club members have a free entrance on „Around the world on Wendesdays“, a movie programme on Barone Fortress that starts on 22 June. Wild Tales, an Argentinian movie nominated for Academy Award will be the first of a total of eight movies that will be shown.

Check all benefits of Friends Club membership, as well as general terms and conditions here.

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