Šibenik Dance Festival on St. Michael's Fortress


This year’s sixth edition of ‘Šibenik dance festival’ will make everybody dance again in this old Dalmatian town in late July this summer.

Šibenik Dance Festival is an event of high cultural value,  held every year in late July, intended primarily for young population, but also for all the worshippers of classical and contemporary dance. This event, has been attracting the growing number of our fellow citizens, as well as many foreign spectators to the city of Šibenik.

Dancers, dance ensembles, theaters and choreographers, from the Croatia and abroad will present their work in three certainly the most beautiful open air stages: stage on the Square in front of St.James's Cathedral (The Cathedral is a unique monument of sacral architecture, listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage), the stage of St. Michael's fortress (proclaimed  the cultural attraction of the year 2014 by the Croatian Tourist board) , and the Croatian national theatre in Šibenik (one of the oldest theatres in Croatia).

Last year during the festival, about 300 dancers from Croatia and abroad came to Sibenik to dance and have fun. This year,  we can announce  more treats for dance lovers, as well as those who are certainly going to become."

Festival opens July 25, at 9pm, with ballet of Croatian National Theatre Split '5 to 12'.

About ballet:

Life’s a gambling cube that is turning and rolling, and once it falls – it is up to us to decide whether to accept the outcome or to reject it. To live in a time where cubes are thrown, dropping at 5 to 12, and sometimes 5 past 12, is a sign, an omen. It is a warning that we should always be prepared for anything. That is exactly the story of this latest Kirov’s contemporary dance performance, taking us to the world of cubes and colors. The choreographer Igor Kirov created an imaginative vision of life as a gambling game visualizing it through 12 blocks, 12 scenes, and 12 dancers. High technical performance of the dancers, bursting with energy, passionate music, a unique combination of tecno etno elements, as the fundamental choreographic impulse , and fabulous costumes influenced with Macedonian etno motives, and all these components united with the light design that takes your breath away.

We follow the story aware that every dream of perfection is always slipping away like a house of cards…..There is always a new game starting , and there is little time left. In the game of life it’s always ‘5 to 12’..

Choreographer: Igor Kirov

Music: Kiril Djaikovski

Costume designer: Alexander Noshpal

Set Designer: Matija Kovac

Dancers: Simona Caputo, Nikol Marčić, Katerina Kuznjecova, Gabriela Mede, Matea Milas, Sanja Bikić, Artjom Žusov, Remus Dimache, Romulus Dimache, Aleksandar Korjakovski, Ašatbek Yusupuhanov i Uroš Škaper.

Tickets can be purchased from the following locations: Eventim system  and all of  Eventim outlets (Tisak news-stands and Petrol gas stations) and through system. The price of the ticket is 100 kuna.

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