Rundek Cargo Trio performed in front of a thrilled audience


Last night's event showed that St. Michael's Fortress and Rundek Cargo Trio are an ideal mix for the promotion of the long-expected new album ''Mostovi''. After four and a half years, a new piece from Rundek Cargo Trio factory is hailed by both critics and audience – that clearly enjoyed themselves in last night's two-hour performance under the starry sky.

On the perfect scene, and with the dancing audience – not distracted by the strong wind – a song written by his son Vid (who also joined them onstage) was performed for the first time by Darko Rundek, rounding up the unique experience on the Šibenik's fortress.

''I am delighted with both the performance and the Šibenik audience. I didn't know that the wind here can be so strong, but the atmosphere was even better that way, because the audience came down in front of the stage'', said Darko Rundek immediately after the show.

Isabel Catala and Dušan Vranić were also thrilled with the Fortress and its ambient. ‘’The force of this site and the wonderful atmosphere was only accentuated by the wind’’, said Dušan Vranić Duco.

After-party was organized later under the seats of the St. Michael's Fortress. Damir Duplančić Dupli, the well-known editor and the leader of the cult Lost generation 58000 Split, and Darko Relja, also known as DJ Ritmo, were tasked with common goal – to keep the spirit of the New Wave alive. The after-party served as an announcement for July 11th, when legendary Disco Gimnasium will join forces with Lost generation.

The most prestigious stage in the region and the place of unforgettable experiences, St. Michael's Fortress, thus presented another top name to the series of top Croatian and international artists from the worlds of music and performing arts that have been its guests.

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