Rundek Cargo Trio: Mostovi - ticket sale


Once again, after last year's spectacular performance of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, St. Michael's Fortress hosted ŠPD Kolo and the Symphonic Orchestra of CAF. They, along with their guests: klapa Sebenico, Borna Erceg, Jelena Pletikosa and KUD Jedinstvo, payed an hommage to 120th anniversary of birth of Jakov Gotovac.

The sold-out auditorium under the starry sky enjoyed in 90-minute performance of Gotovac's most known works, from a capella covers, choral and instrumental pieces, to the opera suites and famed opera choruses from the comic opera Ero the Joker, presented onstage by 150 performers.

„We performed tonight as a single body. I am pleased that we have succeeded to bring closer the magnitude of the work of Jakov Gotovac, and that we have felt the pulse of audience. Kolo always performs some of Gotovac compositions. His way of composing, which nourishes the melody and clear chords is well liked by Šibenik people, so it is not surprising that they often percieve his tunes as a Šibenik folk songs“, said Krešimir Grubić, the president of Kolo.

Šibenik, Kolo, and Jakov Gotovac share an unbreakable bond from their first encounter. Gotovac started his career in Šibenik, and on the 70th anniversary of Kolo, he even took over a conductor's stick. By today, Gotovac is included in the standard repertoir of Kolo.

St. Michael's Fortress recently celebrated its first birthday, and during the first 365 days it has already been visited by 130 000 guests and has hosted renowned Croatian and international artists, like Maksim Mrvica, Josipa Lisac, HNK Split ballet ensemble, Thievery Corporation, 2Cellos, Lado Ensemble, The National, Nouvelle Vague, Natali Dizdar, the Dedić family, Perpetuum Jazzile and others. The 2014. Cultural Attraction of the Year Award was a tail wind for even more richer and diverse 2015. season. Our next event is in five days already – with Rundek Cargo Trio and sea premiere of their new album – „Mostovi“! Presale tickets can be bought on St. Michael's Fortress, Šibenik City Museum, Eventim system and on,, and also in tourist agencies – Nik, Kompas and Mag Tours, at the price of 80 kn.

St. Michael's Fortress, as the most prestigious stage in the region, and a place of unforgettable experiences, is continuing with a series of top shows by music and performance artists, giving a great vibrations to the whole summer, and it presents to its audience:

19. 6. 2015. Mostovi / Darko Rundek & Rundek Cargo Trio

24. 6. 2015. Elvis Stanić&Neven Frangeš – Side B

13. 7. 2015. Detour – Side B

22. 7. 2015. National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO

24. 7. 2015. Terraneo Summer Break/ KOKOLO AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA + THE BOOGALOO DESTROYERS + La Luz Visual Collective + Terraneo dj crew

25. 7. 2015. Terraneo Summer Break / LAMBCHOP

31. 7. 2015. Silk&Stone / Amira Medunjanin

3.- 5. 8. 2015. SuperUho festival/ Flogging Molly, Einstürzende Neubauten, Sun Kil Moon, of Montreal, Merchandise

12. 8. 2015. Jedan dan ljubavi / Massimo

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