Public call for all SME's that produce eno/gastro souvenirs


The City of Šibenik is announcing a Public call within the Barone Project – redescovering the rich past, the way to a successful future, for all registered micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, family farms, collectives, and independent artists, who can present and sell their products in Gastro-cultural centre on a new cultural-historical tourist attraction – revitalized Barone Fortress.

All registered micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, family farms, owners of handicraft businesses, craftsmen, associations, collectives, and individual artists based in Republic of Croatia have the right of submitting an application.

Selected products that meet the criteria stated in article III of this Public call will be sold within Gastro-cultural center of the Barone Fortress, in hospitality facility and the souvenir shop.

Dear visitors, on December 7th Barone Fortress will have OPEN DOORS DAY as the 20th Šibenik Cruiser Regatta takes place. The fortresses will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM, without admission.

Enjoy your visit!


Dragi posjetitelji, 7. prosinca ulaz na Tvrđavu Barone slobodan je svim posjetiteljima kako bi s vrha grada popratili 20. šibensku regatu krstaša.

Uživajte u posjetu!