Perpetuum Jazzile opened a new season of evening events on the Fortress


St. Michael's Fortress, Croatia's cultural attraction in 2014, and the Taste the Mediterranean festival, prepared a true culinary spectacle called ''Starry chefs under the starry sky'', on Friday, May 29 at the summer stage of St. Michael's Fortress as a part of this year's Randez-vous Festival - Festival of France in Croatia. This highly stylized event for the first time in Croatia hosted three world masters of gastronomy at the same place. The chefs demonstrated their culinary skills in the use of original Mediterranean ingredients and they also presented the outstanding achievements of high gastronomy.

Chef Lionel Levy, known as the leader of the new Mediterranean cuisine, learned his trade from internationally recognized chefs like Eric Fréchona and Alain Ducasse. Inventiveness, curiosity and the constant desire to discover new recipes is the best description for this chef who has been a proud holder of a Michelin star from 2005. On St. Michael's Fortress he prepared the fish 'dessert' with a fish soup mousse and a mixture of eggs, mascarpone and butter, and he separated the two textures with the mixture of tomatoes.

Chef Guillaume Sourrieu demonstrated to the audience the preparation of squid stuffed with a mixture of shrimp, squid legs, turmeric, chili and herbs. Sourrieu is known as a chef who cooks by instinct and only with selected quality products, during which he establishes harmony between three essential elements: the foundation of the product, filling and sauce,making sure of the freshness and quality of the product.

The last to come out on the stage was chef San Degeimbre, a great Belgian master with Korean roots, the owner of the restaurant L'Air du Temps and one of the seven Belgian chefs crowned with two Michelin stars. His philosophy of cooking is consisted of three key elements: product, technique and emotion. Combining these elements, he provided the audience a unique dining experience, which he called "Modern kitchen of Terroir with Korean influence". He prepared a vegetarian dish with the addition of edible flowers, holding that the proper processing of vegetarian foods can achieve the fullness of meat flavor.

The hosts of this exceptional culinary spectacle were our famous TV faces, Barbara Kolar and Zlatko Gall, while the great Mate Skračić Adaptive Quartet was in charge of the soundtrack and they made sure that the atmosphere is continued through the after-party. Numerous visitors had the opportunity to taste the dishes presented and enjoy a glass of fine wine.

The most prestigious stage in the region, and the place of unforgettable experiences - St. Michael's Fortress - is continuing with a series of top performances by domestic and international artists and musician. The next announced event will be a new festival on the Croatian music scene: Deboto festival - which will present a seductive selection of soul, jazz, electro and world-music on the Fortress' stage, during two days, June 5th and 6th, from 9 PM. Tickets can be bought on Entrio system -

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