Participants of the Sustain4Seniors Hub project in Šibenik elaborated on ideas for developing programs for seniors


How to develop programs for seniors promoting inclusivity, intergenerational knowledge transfer, and sustainability? Participants of the Erasmus+ project "Sustainable Fortifications for Seniors Learning Hub" sought answers to these questions in Šibenik this week; Fortress of culture Šibenik as the coordinator, together with partners from Romania and Lithuania - Mioritics association and Kauno tvirtovės parkas.

Partners in the Sustain4Seniors Hub project in Šibenik have intensified cooperation in the development of cultural programs for seniors in their local communities. During workshops, field visits, and discussions, project partners had the opportunity to exchange experiences in working with the target group and to start developing programs that meet the needs of inclusivity, intergenerational knowledge transfer, and sustainability.

A particularly important meeting was held with representatives of Retirement associations in the city of Šibenik, where their needs and desires for cultural programs within the community, as well as the limitations they face, were discussed.

Project partners have managed to identify a sequence of steps that will be taken to ensure the successful implementation of programs for seniors. These steps involve various activities and methods to ensure the involvement of seniors in cultural and educational programs and to promote sustainability and intergenerational dialogue.

Each of the institutions participating in the project has clearly defined needs and areas where the acquired competencies will be applied. All three partners operate in historical, cultural, and heritage locations in their communities and work daily to organize various events and programs that turn these cultural locations into places of meeting, exchange, learning, socializing, and cultural development for their visitors and communities.

This project emphasizes the importance of continuous cooperation between organizations, local communities, and seniors in creating future programs. The outcomes of these activities will be crucial for the further development of cultural initiatives aimed at seniors, which will contribute to the richness of the local community and the promotion of intergenerational understanding.


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