Parni Valjak chased away the clouds!


Last night St. Michael's Fortress hosted one of the biggest Croatian pop-rock bands after 14 years  - Parni Valjak! This season's 25th concert, which has been the main conversation for days because of the search for the sold-out tickets and reported bad weather conditions, last night proved why Parni Valjak is on the scene for 40 years, hosting a memorable unplugged concert.

More than two hours of singing hits such as "Lutka za bal", "Stranica dnevnika", "Neda", "Moje dnevne paranoje", "Uhvati ritam", "Jesen u meni", "Ugasi me", "Sve još miriše na nju", "Zastave", "Sunčanom stranom" chased away the rain clouds and enabled the audience on the full auditorium of the Fortress to let go and catch the rhythm and have the best birthday party together with the band.

'' Šibenik is dancing! Our harts are full. After this we can sing for another 40 years! '' said Aki Rahimovski while walking through the auditorium and dancing with the audience.

Aki and the audience had a hard time saying goodbye, it took two encores to satisfy all the fans. Sent off with a standing ovation, the band promised to Šibenik's audience that they won't be waiting a lot before they see them again. To prolonge the birthday party, an after party was organized for all those who didn't find two hours long enough.

The September events on St. Michael's Fortress started with Parni Valjak and they continue with two new Side B programmes: Papandopulo Quartet and an Evening of French chansone.The space intended for a more intimate atmosphere, for all of those who are not burdened by genres, has already hosted this summer names such as Elvis Stanić and Neven Frangeš, Detour and Kaya Farzsky. Papandopulo quartet is scheduled on Friday, September 11th at 8 pm, when the well educated saxophonists will present themseves to Šibenik's audience along with a special guest, one of the world's most famous saxophonist Arno Bornkamp.

An evening dedicated to French chansones is scheduled for Sunday, September 27th at 8 pm, when one of the most beautiful Croatian voices will perform, Ana Opačak along with Kristina Nuić-Prka, Ema Kuzmanić and Tajana Pavičević, with piano background by maestro Jurica Karuzo. Our most famous chanson singer, Ibrica Jusić, will perform as a special guest.

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