Papandopulo quartet and Arno Bornkamp thrilled the audience!


The unique ambience of the St . Michael’s Fortress proved itself once again at this 26th evening event of the season! Tonight, as a part of the B-side that takes place underneath the best known Sibenik auditorium performed Papandopulo Quartet with a special guest appearance, reputable Dutch saxophonist of international reputation, Arno Bornkamp.

About 150 visitors had the exceptional opportunity to attend this high level concert by renowned musicians, including students of the Music School Ivan Lukačić from Sibenik.

Tonight we had the opportunity to attend the presentation of a wide range of artistic expression, a variety of genres, from classical to 20th century and modern compositions . Although I was initially feared that this space will not be enough sonic, I was pleasantly surprised that the space supported the sound and I hope that performers have enjoyed as well as the audience because they show absolutely everything: art, craft and superb possibilities of their instruments and their dissemination'' - said Boris Plazibat, academic musician and a clarinet professor at the Music School Ivan Lukačić .

On tonight's program were composers such as Dubois, Geiss, Rossini,  Detoni,  Ferak Petric, and  the enthusiasm of the audience caused a joint appearance with distinguished professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory, Arno Bornkamp.

Tonight we played in a beautiful area of the  St . Michael’s Fortress. The impressionss are fantastic and for as as the musicians was fantastic to play, and also by the audience we noticed that for them as well was great. Just by playing  two encores speaks enough about how good we felt with the Sibenik audience“ - said Nikola Fabijanić , a member of Papandopulo quartet and continued: “ We are very happy to have with us tonight as a special guest star one of the world's leading saxophonists, but also our teacher, Mr . Arno Bornkamp with whom we played a baroque piece and a contemporary piece by Philippe Geiss Branoro''.

The acclaimed Dutch saxophonist Arno Bornkamp did not hide the satisfaction. “I am happy that I had the chance to perform on such a beautiful place with a beautiful view of this beautiful fortress. The very idea to organize a concert in this place is great because we and the audience could feel that special, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere'' said Bornkamp after the concert .

On comments how it was a pleasure to watch how the teacher appreciates and supports his now former students, Bornkamp refered with a smile: ''I think it is the way it should be. I taught only two of them and I am glad, if  partly because of my knowledge, they matured in such top musicians with whom it is a great pleasure to perform“.

B Side is scheduled again in two weeks, on  September 27th at 8 pm when St. Michael ‘s Fortress will be converted into the streets of Paris, and all visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy in an evening of French song with the performances by Ana Opačak, Kristina Nuić- Prka, Emma Kuzmanić and Tajana Pavicevic. A special guest of the evening will be our most famous chanson singer, Ibrica Jusic.

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