Over a milion kunas for adaptation of ex-cinema Odeon


The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, in accordance with the call for proposals for nomination public needs in culture, has allocated investment support for 2020. The Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik was awarded with 1.168.000 kunas that will be used for completion of adaptation project of multimedia hall, formerly known as cinema Odeon.

The City of Šibenik has been reconstructing the hall since 2013, in phases. So far, more than 9 million kunas has been invested, of which about 40% has come from the Ministry of Culture. Since last year, the Fortress of Culture has been involved in the completion of the reconstruction project and is entrusted with the future management of the renovated hall.

The last phase of the renovation involves decorating and furnishing the interiors to high production standards. Therefore, upon completion of the project, the former cinema hall will become a mixed-art venue, a multifunctional hall intended for cinema and theater performances, music events, stage performances, conferences and smaller congresses.

The programmatic guidelines of this new cultural urban space will be focused primarily on contemporary cultural and artistic practices. The intention is that the space will be a link between cultural scene and the local environment. The goal of the project is that hall should become a local and regional hub over time, through its diverse and quality programmes. The programmes should educate new, young audiences and thus enriches the cultural life of the community.


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