One step closer to virtual reality on fortresses!


The equipment for soon-to-be VR platform was delivered today at St. Michael’s Fortress! It is a step closer to the content that visitors will soon be able to use at mentioned location, as well as at the St. John’s Fortress in Šibenik.

In addition to the hardware part, the software part is also needed, so in mid-September, the Fortress of Culture announced a public procurement for digital and virtual production and post-production services. Upon completion of the process in the coming weeks it will be known who will create interesting virtual reality scenarios that will bring future fortress’ visitors a new, interactive and fun experience of visiting.

The content is funded by a European EMOUNDERGROUNDS project (EMOtional technologies for the cultural heritage valorization within the UNDERGROUNDS cross border) whose implementation is co-financed from the Interreg ADRION transnational cooperation program, in the amount of 85% of the value. Total project value is is 2,599,994.86 euros; the budget of the Fortress of Culture amounts to slightly less than 2 million kuna (264,387.78 euros), and the most significant investment within the project relates to the implementation of VR technology for the purpose of storytelling at Šibenik fortresses.

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