On weekends in February free entrance to Barone Fortress


May the weekends in February be reserved for enjoyment on the top of the town. On weekends in February (Saturdays & Sundays, including March 1st 2020), the entrance to Barone Fotress is free to all visitors (from 9 AM to 4 PM).

Free entrances are part of fourth birthday of revitalized fortress that opened its doors in January 2016. The place that used to be devastated and neglected has been reconstructed, renovated and enriched by new contents and facilities: Gastro-cultural centre, children's playground and intimate stage. In short time, the fortress became gathering place for locals and unavoidable tourist destination.

Best known for its attractive digital content augmented reality (AR), in its first year Barone Fortress has carried the Cultural Attraction of the Year award, presented by Croatian National Tourist Board. Alongside technology, the fortress provided stimulus to local small and medium enterprises. Their products are presented trough bistro Barone and souvenir shop.

By now, more than 180 thousand people visited Barone Fortress, trough daily visits or by coming to one of summertime evening events. Variety of cultural programme - concerts, dance performance and movie nights have been (and still are) a great addition to Šibenik's cultural scene. 

Today Barone Fortress isn't the first line of defense, but place that protect Dalmatian lifestyle. Long sipping of the first morning coffee and/ or an afternoon walk around the fortess are the way of local life. 

After these four years, there is only left to wait with excitement what the fifth will bring. Keep up with the successful story of Barone Fortress - see you on the weekends!

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