On Europe day, Fortress of Culture Šibenik and Association of Tourist Guides Mihovil prepared a treat for history and heritage lovers!


Sunday, May 9th, marks 71 years since Robert Schuman, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs,  put forward  the idea of a new form of community and laid the foundations for today’s European Union.

On Europe Day, Fortress of Culture will grant a free entrance to all visitors of St. Michael's and Barone Fortress and will present a new tourist route developed as a part of the European project FORTITUDE - Historic Fortresses Intensifying Cross Border Tourism Development, which aims to strengthen and diversify the cultural and tourist offer and develop capacities for better and more sustainable management of cultural assets.

The tourist route called "Guardians of Šibenik", created in cooperation with the Association of Tourist Guides Mihovil, connects the fortification system of the city of Šibenik and shows the history of the city and the life of its citizens at the time.

The tour for interested visitors starts at 9:30 am from Barone Fortress and visitors will, accompanied by a guide, also visit the St. Michael's Fortress, Dolac wall, Podstinje, Four wells square, Cathedral's square, Prince's palace, Đardin, Poljana…

Registrations are not required but the capacity is limited, so come on time and enjoy discovering unknown historical details through a walk through the famous streets of Šibenik. If you do not arrive on the morning tour, the Šibenik fortresses are waiting for you all day from 9 am to 8 pm. There will also be an additional expert guidance at the fortresses in the afternoon. The tours are scheduled at 5:00 pm at St. Michael's Fortress, and at 6:00 pm at Barone Fortress!

This is an opportunity to remind that the revitalization of Šibenik's fortresses was largely funded by European funds, and the fortresses through their work on projects and by creating new contents are recognized and acknowledged as a European example of good practice in the restoration and use of cultural heritage. Thus, all visitors of the fortresses can see history with new eyes through 3D mapping projections in the water tanks of the St. Michael's Fortress while using an interactive audio guide during the tour. At Barone Fortress their tour is complemented by an augmented reality device.

See you at Šibenik's fortresses!

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