Oliver Dragojević closed the Season 2015.


The last concert of the season at St. Michael's Fortress and also the birthday concert of Radio Dalmacija was held by Oliver Dragojević together with Dupini in front of a packed auditorium of cheerful citizens of Šibenik and their guests. St. Michael's Fortress proved once again that it is a wonderful place of synergy of a unique environment, performers and audience.

For the introduction of the wonderful evening under the stars Oliver started with the legendary ''Skalinada'' which was sung by the crowd, as well as his other hits in over two hours of the concert.

'' I saw the St. Michael's Fortress on television and I am very happy that I performed tonight in this beautiful setting. The rain changed our plans for Saturday, but tonight it all paid off. I am glad that people from outside have the opportunity to come to a place like this and have a concert '' said Oliver immediately after the concert.

Last night's concert at St. Michael's Fortress was also the last in this season.

'Indeed we could not ask for a better season closing - Oliver is a performer who is perfect for the summer stage at the Fortress and, even though last night was his first concert we are sure that it is not the last one at the Fortress. It was also recognized by our audience which has shown great interest for this concert. We have almost six exciting months with 28 events, different kinds of genres, as we like to say - for people of good taste. Our visitors are from all Croatian regions, the stage at St. Michael's Fortress is a unique space that adds value to every concert and makes it special. Our goal is to make the Fortress stage  recognized by an international audience, our task is to continue to provide a quality program that will raise the level of cultural offerings in the city '' said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, head of the Department for management of fortification system facilities.

Since the revitalization of St. Michael's Fortress almost two years ago it has been visited by more than 250,000 visitors, while this year St. Michael's Fortress held 28 evening events with the participation of renowned names like Massimo, Motovun Film Festival, Rundek Cargo Trio, Lado, Parni Valjak, Amira Medunjanin, SuperUho- Flogging Molly, Detour, Perpetuum Jazzile, Starry chefs under the starry sky, Elvis Stanić, Maksim Mrvica and the Papandopulo Quartet.

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