Motovun in Sibenik: Michael is watching movies!


Today was celebrated the 18th birthday of now adult Motovun Film Festival on Gorica, and at the same time there was presentation of a new project of the St. Michael  Fortress - Motovun in Sibenik: Michael is watching movies, from 13th to 15th August. Among the first who congratulated Matko Burić, MFF producer were film critic Marko Njegić, Gorana Barišić Bačelić, Head of Facilities Management fortification system and the Mayor of Šibenik, Željko Burić. Two weeks after Motovun Film award, the 18th Propeller, projection screens rises to the most beautiful stage on the open air, which will hoste the festival within the next three days presenting six new movie titles. All the movies are subtitled in English and Croatian, so the Fortress can become a haven not only for domestic film lovers, but also to foreign tourists.


Motovun Film Festival since its beginnings was dedicated to films of small cinematography and independent productions, primarily films that stand out with innovation, ideas and power of their stories, and selected by Jurica Pavičić and Milena Zajović, titles that will be present on the fortress are The Lobster, Jacky in the kingdom of women, Swamp, Salma, You're ugly and Why me. Overall, the program Michael is watching movies is designed to display the section of this year's MFF program, whether they are the titles of exceptional artistic value or beloved by the audience.


 ''Motuvun film festival is a small festival, and that he wants to stay. Sibenik has a long history of cultivating the art of film, which is, unfortunately, at the beginning of this century found itself in a crisis, and because of that our visit in Šibenik for us has special weight and the kind of responsibility'' - said Matko Burić, producer of Motovun Film Festival. '' The program opens with a film that has arrived in Motovun with the strongest references - the Jury Prize at the last Cannes Festival. Lobster Film is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, who is the leader of the Greek "strange" wave that has made its country one of Europes most interesting cinematographys. In addition, the big European cast is led by Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz.'' - continued Burić.

''Motovun Film Festival is the sixth festival of the season at the Fortress, and the first to focus on the art of film. Versatility of summer stage so far has been tested and proven more than once, so I don't doubt that tonight it will be successfully transformed into a unique movie theater. All program activities that emphasize quality, regardless of which art domain they came, are situated at the fortress which confirms the fact that it has become the main driver of cultural events. It is worth mentioning the fact that we are giving free admission for all screenings to our members of Friends Club, a happy family that now numbers more than five hundred members.'' - said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, head of the Department of Management Fortification system and among other touched on symbolism today's gathering places, Gorica, which holds a special place in the memory of inhabitants of Sibenik given the fact that in this place for more than 30 years as part of MDF are held film screenings.

''I am very pleased that these two successful institutions linked - Motovun Film Festival with its eighteen-year tradition, which is characterized by quality and uniqueness and St. Michael's Fortress, which has already in its second season made exceptional results and shifted cultural bounderies in the city. Given the fact that theŠibenik is city of festivals,I am very glad for another great festival and also hope that this is just the beginning of cooperation and the first of many successful film years to come.'' - concluded Mayor Željko Burić.


Doors are open from 8,30 pm until midnight, and the movie schedule you can check here.

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