Motovun has moved to Šibenik: The Fortress turned into a movie theater underneath the stars!


The Motovun Film Festival has arrived in Šibenik and conveniently celebrated its 18th birthday at St. Michael's Fortress with movies and popcorn! This popular Film Festival as a part of MICHAEL IS WATCHING MOVIES is held on the most beautiful open-air stage from 13 to 15 August when a total of six movies selected by Jurica Pavičić and Milena Zajović will play.

Last night, 500 fans of the seventh art saw two movies during the first movie night: Lobster, a love story set in the near future, starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell and directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and Jacky in the kingdom of women, a French movie directed by Riad Sattouf where the women are in power in the Bubune Republic. They run the country and maintain order, and men dressed in robes take care of the household.

The big movie screen under the starry sky, with hot popcorn and a cold drink in their hand at 63 meters above the sea level launched the visitors over reality and with the power of their stories dragged them into the world of movies full of innovation.

The visitors comments who purchased their one-day ticket for 25 kunas and saw two movies that hardly break through to the cinemas and ordinary viewers were more than positive:

'' It's great! Since we couldn't go  to Motovun, he came to us and we're really having a great time here at the fortress in the open air under the stars! The movie selection is excellent, and the price is very affordable. '' said Maja who was a visitor.

The festival ticket  for all three days costs 60 kunas, and since members of the Fortress Friends Club have free admission to the film festival, many took the opportunity to become members and apart from Motovun received a number of other benefits for 50 kunas of the annual membership fee.

'' I have been planinng to become a Friend of the Fortress for a while. I realized  that I can visit the Fortress for free throughout the year so now I will drink coffee in the new coffee shop every day'' laughingly commented Vedrana, the new member of the Fortress Friends Club.

The Department for Management of Fortification System Facilities is very pleased with this year's season. '' So far, the Fortress held 21 evening events, and the Motovun Film Festival is the sixth festival of this season, however, the first one with the focus on the art of film. The versatility of the summer stage has been tested and proven more than once, and tonight it successfully transformed in a unique movie theater. '' said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, head of the Department for Management of Fortification System Facilities.

Spanish film Swamp at 21 pm and a biographical documentary Salma at 11:30 pm are scheduled on Friday, August 14, at the most beautiful movie theater under the stars.

Tickets for the Motovun screenings on St. Michael's Fortress can be purchased at the box offices on St. Michael's Fortress and at the stand next to the theater on Poljana for the price of 25 kunas for the one day ticket and 60 kunas for the festival ticket.

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