MORCHEEBA ON ST. MICHAEL'S FORTRESS! The only concert in the region within the World Tour


Within the EU project "Networked encounters," the art collective Lightune.G will set a sound installation named "Warehouse sound", in the water tanks of St. Michael's Fortress on July 21st 2016.  The instalation will transform this exceptional historic site into a place of contemporary art researches.

CHUI & Psilicone Theatre with the Lithuanian - Croatian co-production "Hairy Hairy Mouth" will perform as a part of the B-Side program at the exhibition closing, set August 23rd 2016. You can expect an audiovisual performance which connects music and contemporary theater in an innovative way.

"Warehouse Sound" – a sound installation in the water tanks of St. Michael's Fortress:

21.07. – 23.08. / Lightune.G

The new project of the artistic duo Lightune.G is made specifically for the water tanks of St. Michael's Fortress and it consists of ten floor sensors and a dozen autonomous speakers. The idea of the water tank as the water collector as one of the basic elements of life, is the idea from which Lightune.G develop their new audio installation. Moving through the space, visitors will choose floor sensors which will trigger sounds and thus they will become the authors of short autonomous compositions. Through this process the water tanks of St. Michael's Fortress will temporarily returned to their original function of collectors where the water is replaced by sound and thus they become an active space of stored memories:

"Hairy Hairy Mouth" – an audiovisual performance:

08/23/2016. / CHUI & Psilicone Theatre

Hairy Hairy Mouth is a play in six acts which explores the period of the dedline of textile industry of Kaunas from 1960. – 1998. year and its transformation from giant factory facilities into small knitting cooperatives scattered in private apartments, basements and garages. The personal narratives of workers who carry yarn in their bodies from the factory to feed themselves by processing and selling it, are told through the characters of silicone figurines which are animated by the skilled artist Aukse Petrulienė from the Psilicone Theatre. The music for the play is signed and performed live by CHUI.


Networked encounters is a project of the European cultural cooperation from May 2015. to December 2016. The project analyzes the methods of communication relevant to the existing technological, social and cultural reality. Over the last two decades the direct meetings were replaced by virtual chat sessions, anonymous comments, e-mail, reports and a synthetic computer language which knows nothing about the feelings and intentions of those who are behind the screen. The main objective of the project is to create situations and places for human encounters to make this silent digital communication enriched by voices, sounds, joint creativity, experiments and expression.


The project is under the high patronage the President of the Republic of Croatia.

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