Live electronic music spectacle with the famous ÂME & HVOB


Âme (Innervisions) live performance will be held on 10th August in St. Michael's Fortress with the Austrian HVOB and the showcase of Lighthouse Festival.

One is an explorer of distant galaxies and the other is a composer. They never even suspected that their encounter in a record store in their native town of Karlsruhe would be considered as fateful for the future of dance music. The chemistry between the two friends resulted in the formation of the duo Âme, currently among the most influential names in the world electronic music scene.

Âme have performed in clubs and at festivals in Croatia countless times, but this time they will present themselves live on the 10th August in the wonderful ambience of St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik. The splendid music experience provided by Kruder & Dorfmeister and DJ Hell in the same venue prompted Collage Events and The Fortress of Culture of Šibenik to become involved in a new co-operation venture.

Live music events are considered as a treat by many of those who expect electronic music to provide more than a DJ performance and there are not many DJs who are more successful than Frank Wiedemann from Âme. His perfect combination of the original, remixes and specially arranged editions by this popular duo are a unique experience which simply makes you want to dance.

In addition to being cherished guests at the most important dance events throughout the world, Âme has enriched the music scene with many releases, some of which will certainly be remembered in the history of electronic music and it is important to mention their hits such as Rej, Mifune, Tatischeff or Junggesellenmaschine. It is important to highlight their significance also as owners of Innervisions, which is currently among the most prominent electronic music labels. They founded it together with the famous Dixon.

Since they have many joint releases, Dixon and Âme often perform together, especially at Innervisions and Lost in a Moment events, which are organised by their electronic music label and held in the most beautiful places throughout the world. Their last year’s spectacle at the Royal Albert Hall in London was particularly memorable.

Besides Âme, Šibenik will see the performance of the popular electronic duo HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys), which connoisseurs refer to as one of the most intriguing revelations during the last several years. They set off from Vienna on a musical crusade throughout the world with their unobtrusive agreeable combination of electronic, ambient and old school house music enriched by the vocals, holding concerts across the continents, including appearances at prestigious festivals such as Burning Man and Sonar. Since 2012, Anna and Paul released four albums and their latest album Rocco will be promoted on the stage in St. Michael’s Fortress. They pointed out that they are striving to develop their sound without any external influences and so during the period of the creation of their albums they do not listen to other music.

After the two previously mentioned appearances, the entertainment will continue with LHF Showcase. It will be a presentation of the popular Lighthouse Festival, which has been held in Poreč and Capetown for years. Festival visitors are so fond of the intimate atmosphere of this festival that the tickets are sold out as soon as they go on sale. The audience in Šibenik will be dancing to the music played by its resident DJs Vince and Thome from Vienna.

St. Michael’s Fortress will be decorated with special lighting installations and the widely reputable sound magician Braco Radović will be in charge of the sound. Consequently, we will be witnessing one of the most exciting music events this summer. Tickets for the local visitors and those arriving from the region of the former Yugoslavia will be sold at the price of HRK240, on ticketing system while ticket price for foreign visitors will reach HRK300, on Resident Advisor ticketing system.

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