Lado once again thrilled the audience!


Last night, as  the 11th program this year at the  St . Michael’s Fortress the most famous Croatian professional folk ensemble Lado once again garnered applause from the numerous domestic and foreign audience! St . Michael’s Fortress wants whit its programs wants to present Croatian cultural heritage to the visitors of the city of Sibenik , but also the local audience and Lado, as the guardian of the Croatian culture,  is the best to travel with through the Croatian regions and truly illustrate the diversity and richness of Croatian music and dance on the most beautiful stage on the Adriatic.

Wonderful ambience and exceptional performance of Highland Ball,  The old dances of Split,  Dances of Zagora, Linđo and other traditional dances from various Croatian regions with the audience sparked enthusiasm and exit to two  more encores .

''Neither extremely high temperatures did not impede the professionals of the ensemble Lado to, again this year, afford a unique journey through Croatian cultural heritage to our audience. An excellent synergy between the ensemble and the  St. Michael’s Fortress is truly mesmerizing and the audience certainly saw and felt that. And for the next year we are preparing a special program that will be much more than an evening concert  '' said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, head of the Department of the fortification system facilities.

The Ensemble Lado was founded 65 years ago, and it is often called the traveling museum of heritage. Dancers , musicians and singers of Lado are recognized by audiences around the world, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the City Centre in New York or Sydney Town Hall, and on this exceptional list is also St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik.

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