Jazz for eternity: "I'm returning here" - a concert dedicated to Arsen Dedić


HRT Jazz Orchestra, Lea Dekleva, vocal ensemble Maslina, Alen Slavica, Miroslav Tadić and Ivo Pattiera together with Gabi Novak and Matija Dedić celebrate Arsen's creative work


On Thursday, July 28th Arsen returns to the stage where he performed in Šibenik his last time. The great homage concert that will be on his birthday, along with family and friends begins at 9 p.m. on the St. Michael's Fortress stage.

The backbone of the program consists of Matija's arrangements of his father's creative work which are on Porin winning album of the year '' Matija playing Arsen ''.This intimate, yet grand celebration of Arsen's day and creative work will also host Gabi Novak and Lea Dekleva accompanied by the Jazz Orchestra of HRT under the direction of maestro Silvio Glojnarić and other friends, colleagues and well-known performers: Alen Slavica, Miroslav Tadić, Ivo Pattiera and the vocal ensemble Maslina.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased on the following locations: Eventim system  and all of  Eventim outlets (Tisak news-stands and Petrol gas stations) and through system, and on the St. Michael's and Barone Fortresses box offices.

The presentation of the ninth edition of Arsen Dedić's first collection of poetry "Brod u boci" will take place on July 27th, the day before the concert on Barone Fortress. After 28 years this collection was republished in May. The ninth unchanged edition contains 29 songs and the cycle "Brod s mojim imenom'', with the original preface by Zvonimir Golob and Arsen's illustration on the cover and a self-portrait. The collection "Brod u boci" was originally presented to the public in 1971, when the songs and chansons were compiled in the bookand and published by Zvonimir Golob. By 1988 the collection has undergone eight editions and a total of 80,000 sold copies, and in recent years it has been impossible to buy one. "We discussed this 9th edition with Arsen, but last August we were left by him just like a ship in a bottle. However, we decided to return this collection, Arsen's first and perhaps most important one to the audience and to the Rockmark music bookstore shelves ", said Krešimir Blažević, publisher.

Gabi Novak and Matija Dedić will also attend the collection presentation, and Arsen's verses will be read by Lea Dekleva, Miroslav Tadić and Branko Bubica. The promotion starts at 9 p.m., followed by the regular movie program "Wednesdays around the world". The Swiss film Children from Napf mountain is on the schedule.

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