Ivo Perkušić & Sanctus Domnio present fado at Barone Fortress!


Under the motto "Time for fado" Ivo Perkušić and Sanctus Domnio, the best European mandolin orchestra, will present some of the most beautiful songs of the Portuguese fado singers in a Mediterranean way. During his stay in Portugal, Ivo Perkušić fell in love  with fado and begun singing it. Besides Croatia, he also performed in Lisbon, in the famous house of fado "Tasca do Chico" in Bairro Alto, where he also met Mariza, one of the biggest fado singers of today.

The Sanctus Domnio Mandolin Orchestra was founded in 1990. and they held a large number of concerts both at home and abroad. The Orchestra has been a participant of numerous international festivals and competitions.  They the won numerous domestic and international prizes and awards for their work and they have the title of BEST EUROPEAN ORCHESTRA! In their repertoire, the orchestra has numerous compositions originally composed for mandolin ensembles and composition for other orchestras.

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