House of Art Arsen got its visual identity


In May, Fortress of Culture Šibenik published a call for proposals regarding visual identity design for House of Art Arsen, former cinema hall that will become a new public space and venue for differnt activities.

There were 34 proposals and conceptual designs delivered in total, while the Committee for Proposal Appraisal and Selection granted the highest grade to the creative team Plac Studio.

According to the Committee, proposed visual solutions best suited the characteristics described in the call – distinctiveness and originality of the logo reflects the modern design of interior and exterior. It also meets the challenging task of communicating future contents that would take place in the venue. In fact, program guidelines of this new venue will be pointed primarily at contemporary culture and art practices, and also at connecting the cultural scene with local surroundings, while the logo and its variations should visually distinguish the above-mentioned contents.

The main goal of House of Art Arsen it to become a local and regional hub that enriches the cultural life of the community by bringing diverse and quality programmes to its audience. A recognizable logo and visual communication will most certainly be on of the key components in creating an awareness for future visitors of the venue.

You can check out the awarded proposal on the link below.


Visual identiy of House of Arts Arsen - Plac Studio proposal

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