Fortress of Culture is participating in the largest European conference on fortifications!


Representatives of Fortress of Culture Šibenik have participated in the FORTMED - Fortifications of the Mediterranean Coast international conference this week. FORTMED is the largest scientific gathering in Europe on the topic of fortification heritage. This year's edition takes place from March 22nd to 25th in Pisa, organized by the University of Pisa.

Almost 250 authors from about 15 countries prepared 166 presentations, presenting current historical research, architectural and conservation recordings, projects and interventions, and ways of managing monuments. A particularly attractive and well-attended segment of the conference were presentations devoted to various methods of digital research and presentation of those results, from 3D scanning and modeling to augmented and virtual reality platforms.

Tvrđava kulture FORTMED Pisa 2023

Gorana Barišić Bačelić, Fortress of Culture director and Ivana Lučev, head of the Tourism and Sales Department presented the renovated St. John's Fortress and its contents. Special emphasis was put on the opportunities provided by the educational campus. Josip Pavić and Andrija Nakić from the Department for Heritage Research and Interpretation held a presentation on the interdisciplinary restoration of Spirun, a smaller segment of the St. Michael's Fortress. They also presented different types of fortifications on the borders of the former Šibenik district. Head of Department Josip Pavić also participated in the paper on the fortification of Šibenik during the 15th century, co-signed by Dr. Darka Bilić from the Institute of Art History and Dr. Krasanka Majer Jurišić from the Croatian Restoration Institute.

This is the fifth time that representatives of the Fortress of Culture have participated in the FORTMED conference. As in previous editions of this prestigious conference, the presentation of Šibenik's fortification heritage in Pisa is once again supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

Tvrđava kulture FORTMED 2023

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