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On newly renovated Šibenik's fortress, Barone, contracts were signed today at noon with 17 small and medium entrepreneurs whose products were chosen by public invitation which was announced by the town of Šibenik within the project Barone- revelation of rich past, a way to the successful future, published on 20th January 2016. Registered manufacturers of eno/gastro products and souvenirs had to satisfy five wanted criterions (originality and continuing tradition, croatian origin, high quality and innovation, originality and quantitative availability) of which a Commission composed of representatives of the Town of Šibenik, an Administrative department for economy, entrepreneurship and development, the Museum of the town of Šibenik, and  a Department for the management of the objects of the fortification system brought the decision.   

Within the Gastro-cultural center all the visitors of Barone fortress will be able to buy the products of  the following manufacturers:

FF Županović, FF Aralica, homecraft  Branka Tešić, homecraft Labura, FFJoško Rak, Andrea ceramics- Brujači, homecraft Tomislav Tomić, Polimedika/Pavlović, Radislav Rak- Vina Rak, Ponge ltd., Žitak ltd., FF Jakov Matešić, FF Ante Sladić, Duga strana, Croatian defenders' social-working collective  The defender, Martina Morić - OGGI i Zlarinka.

The head of Deapartment for the management of fortification objects, Gorana Barišić Bačelić thanked to selected manufacturers for the partnership and fulfillment of all the deadlines of the delivery that were set before them: „We always assert that our goal is to encourage the others to grow and work as well. It is a real pleasure that the visitors already take an interest for 170 products, they get to know you better through our offer and when they buy these products as well. We still have a lot of work to do in order for the overall offer of gastro-cultural center could  reach the planned level, but we are looking forward to accomplish that with you as our partners.    

One of the selected manufacturers is also Ante Sladić from FF Sladić„I like the overall concept of the gastro-cultural center. I am glad that another fortress was rebuilt and that they focused on autochtonous products, on local manufacturers which is a rare case and praiseworthy these days. I think that the tourists that come on the fortress will definitely appreciate that they can find these kinds of products, especially because they cannot find them anywhere near that easily.

With the signing of the contract, the manufacturers looked around the fortress Barone and tried out AR glasses, unique in this area. The first digital attraction that offers the unique view on the life of Šibenik in 17th century, the formation of the fortresses of Šibenik and heroic defense of the town from the attacks of the Ottoman empire.

Public invitation for all the manufacturers of  eno/gastro products is still open, conclusive with  March 12th 2016. The application form and public invitation can be downloaded from the official pages of town Šibenik,, and these fulfilled applications with the proof of registration are being submitted on address: Grad Šibenik, Trg palih branitelja Domovinskog rata I, 22000 Šibenik with a notice: „Application for the public invitation to the manufacturers of eno/gastro products and souvenirs for the fortress Barone“ or on e-mail address:

Projekt ''Barone - the discovery of rich past, a way to the successful future“ of total value 1.377.165,38 euros is financed by the  European union from the European fond for the regional development with 72,17% value of the fond.

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