European project brings a new experience in cinema screenings at Šibenik fortresses


Partners in Connecting Cinemas in Rural Areas project will work on connecting European audiences by developing quality programs through 4 cinemas, 3 cultural centers, 3 universities, and 3 festivals. They will be organizing cultural events and simultaneous cinema screenings which will offer a completely new experience in film watching, at the same time connecting audiences from different European regions.

The project will thus improve new ways of narration, initiate conversations on burning topics (such as environmental change, social inclusion and migrations) from different points of view, increase awareness about diversity of European cultures, exchange knowledge about using digital technologies and build new audiences.

Apart from the lead partner, German Neue Kammerspiele, cinema and cultural center from Kleinmachnow and Fortress of Culture Šibenik, there are 6 more partners on the project: Public Art Lab (Berlin, Germany), Cinema Star (Veria, Greece), Amza Pellea Cinema (Raznov, Romania), Kino centras Garsas (Panevėžys, Lithuania), Media Tech Hub (Postdam, Germany), and University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The project is funded by the European Commission, from A Europe Fit For the Digital Age priority, and it's being conducted within the Call for preparatory activities Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities, or rather 'Cinemas – innovative centers for local communities'. There were 46 proposals delivered in total, while 5 projects were ultimately chosen for funding, among which was Connecting Cinemas in Rural Areas.

- Considering all the challenges contemporary cinematography is facing, this project will aim toward improving cinemas throughout Europe by connecting them with communities in rural regions, through knowledge transfer and by sharing local points of view, business models, creative technologies, infrastructure. The estimated project duration is 18 months, and we're especially grateful to Mrs. Martina Petrović, head of DKE – Media Office in Croatia, who was the one to propose the partnership on this project in the first place -  said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, Fortress of Culture's director.

The sum amount of the project is 611.455,00 euros, out of which 72.440.00 euros is Fortress of Culture's budget. The project budget also covers 50% of income for one of the institution's employees.

The project Connecting Cinemas in Rural Areas will cover the funding of the film programme for House of Art Arsen, as a reasonable continuation of Fortress of Culture's cinema screening program.

Apart from this project, Fortress of Culture Šibenik is currently conducting another two European projects, FORTITUDE, and EMOUNDERGROUNDS. From projects budget 10 institution employees salaries are co-funded (in the total amount of 161.170 euros). The percentage of the salary co-funding ratios comprise between 20 and 100% of the salary.

Furthermore, via three above-mentioned projects, Šibenik's fortresses will draw funds to cover office costs, production expenses, and other administrative expenditures, which comprises another 23.215 euros.

The content of the release is the sole responsibility of the public cultural institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik.

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