Europe learns from Šibenik, or better say from Fortress of Culture!


At the end of last year, the Fortress of Culture was recognized as a European example of good practice in cultural heritage management, i.e. creative cultural management with a positive impact on the local community. Example of managing the St. Michael's and Barone fortress is included in the catalog of successful practices with a focus on adaptation and reuse of cultural monuments, participatory management and quality of interventions within the Cultural Heritage in Action program of mutual learning and training (European Commission program) implemented by a consortium of several European associations - Eurocities, KEA , ERRIN, Europa Nostra, Council of European Architects.

Thanks to the successful process of 'transformation of fortresses into a significant cultural focus', Šibenik was chosen as one of the locations for the online peer-learning visit that will be held from 31 May to 4 June. Selected cultural institutions, i.e. their employees, groups of experts and stakeholders in the cultural sector will be able to hear first hand about the practices of the Fortress of Culture, with emphasis on local community regeneration and audience development.

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During the visit, participants (24 of them) will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local context of the city, hear useful information and ideas for improving their existing local projects or launching new ones, but also transfer the transferred knowledge about key elements of the presented practice to their business. Visits are intended to encourage interaction, collaborative learning and the construction of innovative solutions in the field of cultural management, and those interested in participating can apply via the link until April 12.

The aim of the Cultural Heritage in Action program is to encourage European cities and regions to develop and adopt innovative solutions and initiatives in the field of cultural heritage.

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