EMOUNDERGROUNDS project is coming to the end - Fortress of Culture presented the results!


The EMOUNDERGROUNDS inauguration ceremony was yesterday held in House of Arts Arsen Šibenik where Fortress of Culture presented project outputs to around 200 visitors coming from each area of the quadriple helix, including media representatives. All of them could also try out VR games that are currently presented in the town's center.

Fortress of Culture Šibenik developed four VR scenarios and procured VR equipment as a part of pilot actions within the project, therefore enriching the existing cultural offer of the city with new, interactive and immersive experience for the visitors of Šibenik’s fortresses. The contents are currently presented to general public in VR Snow Fort, placed in city centre. In the first four days around 500 visitors came and try out new VR games and had a blast!


The project funds were also used in researching the historic origins and evolution of St. Michaels’ Fortress. The detailed photogrammetric recording of Fortress walls resulted in high-precision 3D model that captured all faces of the old walls. Further research led to new discoveries suggesting that Šibenik is a century or two older than it was believed to be.

Training programmes for future entrepreneurs and creative minds were designed and Guidelines Manual & Recommendations and follow-up for public policies were made as part of capacity building programme.

The events held in Šibenik were live-streamed via various digital platforms to strengthen transnational partnership. Šibenik Heritage Showcase presented the heritage of Šibenik region to a wider audience and history buffs; music event in June 2021 brought good vibes after a long period of silence due to Coronavirus restrictions; a kids day showed children and youngsters how literature transforms to other media. All three events attracted over 800 visitors on site and those unable to participate live could follow the events via livestream on project’s social networks and Fortress of Culture Socials.

The Fortress of Culture mobile application was created with the aim of providing timely and accurate information before, during and after visiting Šibenik's fortresses. On the other hand, it enables a better insight into the needs of visitors, which gives the Fortress of Culture guidelines for further development and improvement of contents and programmes for visitors.


EMOUNDERGROUNDS implementation is co-financed from the Interreg ADRION transnational cooperation program, in the amount of 85% of the value. Total project value is is 2,599,994.86 euros; the budget of the Fortress of Culture amounts to slightly more than 2 million kuna (321.907,53 euros), and the most significant investment within the project relates to the implementation of VR technology for the purpose of storytelling at Šibenik fortresses.

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