Bonobo at St. Michael's Fortress: 'My favorite show of the year. Thank you.'


One of the world's most beloved musicians – artist, DJ, and producer Simon Green, known by his stage name Bonobo, affirmed his stellar status and global popularity with a spectacular concert at the packed St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik last night!

For years, a headliner at major global festivals, a master of blending styles, and an incredibly gifted musician, Bonobo took the stage at St. Michael's Fortress alongside his eight-member band. The fortress, marking its milestone tenth concert season this summer, hosted him as part of his highly successful 'Fragments Live' tour.

Combining organic and electronic instruments, Bonobo, following an opening performance by one of Šibenik's most innovative musicians, Fikcio Monger, had the audience dancing from the very first seconds of his nearly two-hour show. The exceptional lighting and sound, enchanting video projections, the magical voice of singer Nicole Miglis, and the presence of eight instruments on stage seamlessly intertwined with the surreal ambiance of St. Michael's Fortress. The audience, in high spirits from the start, couldn't contain their excitement at any moment. This resulted in an incredibly vibrant atmosphere and fantastic energy – both in the century-old fortress's stands and on the stage!

"This was unreal! My favorite show of the year! Thank you for inviting us, thank you for coming. See you again soon! This city, this place, this fortress – thank you all!" cheered a visibly uplifted Bonobo from the stage before returning for an encore that lasted almost twenty minutes, concluding the evening on a high note.

Renowned for his masterful fusion of trip-hop, jazz, electronica, hip-hop, and more, in Šibenik, Bonobo performed tracks from his two-decade-long music career, with a special focus on his latest album 'Fragments Live' – his most emotionally charged creation yet. Drawing inspiration from the wild landscape of Death Valley, his 19-song setlist included hits like "Polyghost," "Counterpart," "Shadows," "Chiara," "Cirrus," "Otomo," and others. The concert concluded with the brilliant beats of "Kerala" and the outstanding vocals of Nicole Miglis, after which the audience moved beneath the stands for an after-show DJ set by Fikcio Monger, lasting several more hours.

Tickets for Bonobo's concert at Šibenik's St. Michael's Fortress had sold out two months in advance, with purchases coming from as many as 17 European countries and from Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand!

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