Black Coffee at Barone Fortress!


Black Coffee is a well - known jazz band from Split, Croatia active since 1993. In their long music career they released 12 albums and had been collaborated with many famous musicians such as Matija Dedić, Boško Petrović, Zdenka Kovačićek, Gibonni, Catia Werneck, Tammy Mc Cann, Danielea di Bonaventure, Chrisa Bennetta...

In recent years, Black Coffee performs with the American singer Martina Thomas.

In August they will preform at Barone Fortress!


Dear visitors, Barone Fortress will be closed for daily visits on June 20th.



Dragi posjetitelji, Tvrđava Barone će 20. lipnja biti zatvorena za dnevne posjete.