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At these moments when the world is facing a pandemic, the Connecting Cinemas project must also adapt to the new situation. The partner's countries are under a strict measures, streets are half empty, restaurants and cafes are not working, cinemas are mostly closed, and if they are open, the seats are mostly empty….

The world around us is changing and that is why, as a part of the Connecting Cinemas project, a series of short films On the Way To My Cinema was designed. The goal is to document the atmosphere on the streets of European cities and show the  impact of the pandemic on everyday life, including the walks to local cinemas.

Everyone is welcome to record their routines, the streets, walks or drives to their favorite cinema, thus showing how much the pandemic has changed our daily lives. By doing this, one of the basic goals of the project will be achieved: connecting audiences from several countries, sharing experiences and observing the current situation from different perspectives. More details about filming and sharing the content can be found at Connecting Cinemas in Rural Areas project page.

Fortress of Culture has already filmed its contribution, showing the way from House of Arts Arsen (cinema yet to be opened) to Barone Fortress, Šibenik's favourite summer cinema. Check it out!


Connecting Cinemas in Rural Areas is a project in which partners work to connect European audiences by developing joint programs, organizing cultural events and simultaneous cinema screenings that will provide a completely new experience of watching films while connecting audiences from different European regions and strengthening their capacities.

Along with the Fortress of Culture and the leading partner, the German cinema and cultural center Neue Kammerspiele from Kleinmachnow, in this also participate: Public Art Lab (Germany), Amza Pellea Cinema (Romania), Cinema Star, (Greece) , M2C Institute for Applied Media Technology and Culture at the City University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and KEA European Affairs Brussels (Belgium).

The project is co-funded by the European Commission from the priority Europe ready for the digital age, and is implemented under the call Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities. The total budget of the project is € 611,455.00, of which the amount of € 72,440.00 refers to the budget of the Fortress of Culture Šibenik.

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