Barone Marendin - gourmet brunch with the best view in Šibenik


In Dalmatia brunch is called "marenda" or "marendin" and it is known as a time for family and friends to get together, share bites and exchange stories. Marendin usually consists of seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat products, cheese and it is a part of Mediterranean cuisine which is listed on the UNESCO list of protected intangible heritage. 

On Barone Fortress every day we have a special offers; Marendin plates with speciality bites that are selection of chosen delicacies from the Šibenik region. With the fine local food you have to try the best local wines such as Toranac, Maraština, Lasin i Babić, also local awarded products.

In the next weekends from 11 am until 2 pm you can enjoy your Marendin while listening the great local bands - Indigo Duo on 19th of November, Fenix on 26th of November and M.S.A.Q. on 2nd of December.

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