B side - jazz nights at Barone Fortress continues


The ensemble that has managed to create a brand new direction in Croatian music scene, Borna Šercar’s Jazziana Croatica, is coming to Barone Fortress on Thursday, August 16th. Ensemble’s music is best described as instrumental ethno jazz – the combination of ethno-influenced Croatian musical heritage with American jazz sounds – and is a valid proof that good music knows no boundaries.Untypical yet interesting sound of the ensemble is most impressive in live performances, held throughout Croatia and around the world. Having that in mind, Barone Fortress will surely be the best Thursday night out choice for art lovers unladen with genre determinants.

The concert is a part of evening programme at the Barone Fortress – Side B and the entrance is free for all Friends Club members and visitors with a valid daily ticket.

Formed in 2009, this creative ensemble has modernized representation of Croatian musical heritage and has imposed new Croatian jazz “standards”. The ensemble’s repertoire consists of original compositions and arrangements of well-known folk themes also often used in classical music. The ensembles members – Vojkan Jocić on saxophone, Hrvoje Galler on piano, Elvis Penava on guitar and the creator of the ensemble Borna Šercar on drums and percussion – are the top notch musician whose goal is to produce an authentic sound characteristic and create a recognizable Croatian brand.

The ensemble’s first album "A Little Book of Notes" was published in 2010 and one of the compositions won the most prestigious Croatian music award - Porin - for the best jazz composition, therewith confirming its quality and original style. The ensemble’s second album "Nehaj" was published in was a logical continuation of the path the ensemble decided to follow and was yet again inspired by Croatian folk themes and classical composers.

Borna Šercar’s Jazziana Croatica third album “Jazziana Croatica Big Band” was collaboration with young Croatian jazz players. The special guest appearance of Ernie Watts on a composition “New Red Dwarf” won the ensemble another Porin award, for the best jazz performance.

The ensemble’s fourth edition “Wagner Goes to Hollywood’’ was marked by vocal performances of Ana Lice and Valentina Fijačko Kobić what have added sound of classical music to the album. The fifth album “Rise After Fall” is announced, but it is still unknown What is to come next from ensembles studio.

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