"Around the world on Wednesdays" - movie nights on Barone Fortress


As first of eight films in total, that will be shown on Barone fortress , on Wednesday  June 22nd starting  at  21.30 h, an Argentine film  Wild stories”, nominated for Oscar, will be shown. Director Damian Szifron reexamines the extremes of human behaviour through six short stories  . After this, there will be projections of other multiply awarded films on the cinema screen with the most beautiful view on the world.

Belgian film “Don't  leave me” by director Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden which was declared as the best documentary film in 2013 by the choice of the critics of Sight and Sound,will be shown in June as well.  „Don't leave me“ is a tragicomic ode to failure, touching and hilarious display of two lonely men that abounds with humor and humanity. It will be shown on  June 29th starting at 21.30 h.

Chilean film „Maid“ by director Sebastian Silva is an absolute favorite to  festival audience around the world. The story is about a maid Raquel who works in a well-off Chilean family for twenty years. On the threshold of  forties she rediscovers herself and the things that are important to her. Black comedy about everday life of „servants“ with an admixture of drama leaves nobody indifferent, but it's also a brave story of self-discovery  and woman's right to be happy; on schedule July 6th, also starting at 21.30 h.

Multiply awarded Italian film “Zoran – My nephew the idiot” by director Matteo Oleotto will be shown on July 20th, starting at 21.30 h. The story is of forty-year old Paolo who lives  in a small furlan town near the border. He’s irreliable, likes a good drop, spends his days in a local tavern and persistently follows his ex-wife. One day he gets a temporary custody of an insecure 16-year old who grew up in Slovenian mountains. Although reluctantly; Paolo needs to take care of him, but soon he discovers Zoran’s unusual talent: he is a phenomenal darts player! Paolo then thinks that it is the right opportunity for retaliation against the entire world. But will it be easy? It is the question that won over the film audience throughout the world.

Swiss film “Children from Naf mountain”by director Alice Schmidt is on schedule on Wednesday July 27th, also starting at 21.30 h. Children from Napf mountain is a story of an entirely different boyhood, on a mountain from UNESCO’s list of natural heritage, in a world without computer and internet, where they still use paper and pencil for correspondence. Schoolboys in rich Switzerland walk 10 km to school every day, they’re not obsessed with Facebook, and their favourite games are those in nature. Besides that, these children steer agricultural machines supremely, help on the farms of their parents and live a life that is completely unthinkable to the city children.

Spanish film “Devil's spine”,directed by Guillermo del Toro, will be shown on August 3rd. This horror drama is situated at the time of Spanish civil war during which a boy named  Carlos comes to orphanage that is being persecuted by a ghost of a boy who died or who was killed  under unexplained circumstances. The film stands out for a wonderful photography by an Oscar winner  Guillermo Navarro and a masterful direction that combines the elements of drama, thriller and moderate horror. The criticism and the audience considers it as one of the most significant realizations  of 2000s from the genre of the author horror drama.

Wednesday August 10th is reserved  for the visit of Croatian director Goran Rušinović. With a convenient retrospection of work,  „Night with a guest“ is conceived in a form of a talk with an audience.

Film program of Barone fortress closes with Croatian short films „Cinema Island“ and „Ana Square“ on Wednesday, August 17th. Poetic documentary „Cinema Island“ about a lost culture of attending the cinema in small places on croatian islands was directed by Ivan Ramljak. A story about Mrs. Ana who sells religious calendars and crowns for 40 years on central square in Zagreb was narrated by director Jelena Novaković.


Program has a role of informing the audience with different cultures and ways of film expression. The selection of chosen films from Argentina,Belgium, Chile, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA and Croatia will secure the freshness in approach to the film language, which is, along with the excellent directors, a guarantee of satisfied audience.


„A great opportunity to form a freer program that will resemble the most to a program of film festival showed up for me with an invitation for cooperation with Barone fortress ,which implies that  displayed films will have a solid author perspective and an extraordinary art and craft quality. I payed attention in the selection that every title has a wide acceptance by the audience, so for that reason I avoided the selection of titles of gloomy themes and excessive length.“, declared Nikica Šupe, the selector of film program „On Wednesday around the world“ and director of film nights in town's library Juraj Šižgorić.


All projections start at 21.30 h. All members of Friends' club of fortresses of Šibenik and buyers of daily entrance tickets of fortresses of Šibenik have free entrance on film nights.  


Schedule of projections:

22.06.2016. Wild stories - Argentina
29.06.2016. Don’t leave me - Belgium
06.07.2016. Maid - Chile
20.07.2016. Zoran, my nephew the idiot - Italy
27.07.2016. Children from the Napf Mountain - Switzerland
03.08.2016. Devil’s spine - Spain
10.08.2016. Guest Goran Rušinović, director- USA

17.08.2016. Cinema Island / Ana Square- Croatia

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