An eventful week on Šibenik fortresses


EXHIBITION „Lonely giants – stone testimonies“ and Gibonni's concert on St Michael's fortress



On Tuesday June 21st  on St Michael's fortress an exhibition of photographs by the name of  „Lonely giants– stone testimonies“ will be open. The organizers of exhibition are Tomislav Rosandić as an author of photographs and curator of Archeological museum from Zagreb Maja Bunčić.

The exhibition of photographs of  medieval towns and fortresses of Šibenik by photographer Tomislav Rosandić, organized by Museum of Town of Šibenik and Archaeological Museum of Zagreb, represents to visitors a segment of history of Croatia, a country of extremely rich archaeological heritage.

Thanks to strategic position, a territory of our country has always been a place of encounters and overlaps  of different cultures and traditions, whose mutual activity during history has set foundations  of a contemporary  european state proud of all the dissimilarity and wealth of its origin. „The goal of this exhibitional-educational project is to present some of the most significant and most impressive  architectural monuments, archaeological sites as well, and to point out the values that make this kind of immovable cultural heritage extremely important from various perspectives.“, declared of the exhibition curator Maja Bunčić. On the exhibition which lasts until July 17th,  with the help of freestanding posters placed in the  exhibition hall of St Michael's fortress, will be presented some of the most significant and most impressive   archaeological monuments and sites in Croatia.  

A week filled with events on fortresses of Šibenik  will be opened with „Firework party“ on Fortress Barone. In the night of fiesta of Šibenik June 18th, fortress Barone will be opened until midnight so that the visitors could enjoy local drinks at promotional prices with a view on spectacular firework.

On Wednesday June 22nd, starting at 21:30 h, a film festival Fortress Barone - „Around the world on Wednesdays“ will begin.  As a first of eight films of the film program in total, an Argentine film „Wild stories“- nominated for Oscar,will be shown. Director Damian Szifron reexamines the extremes of human behaviour through six short stories.

The highlight of this exciting week is on Friday June 24th when Gibonni will perform on the stage of St Michael's fortress.  


You can buy the tickets for Gibonni's concert on cash registers of Fortress each day from 8 till 21 h, through Eventim system and

Members of Friends' club of Fortresses of Šibenik this time get more as well, so with a presentation of membership card they have a free entrance at „Firework party“ and film program „Around the world on Wednesdays.“


June 17th 2016.  Fortress Barone / Firework Party

June 26th 2016. St Michael's fortress. / Opening of exhibition “Lonely giants – stone testimonies”

June 22nd 2016. Fortress Barone / Around the world on Wednesdays: “Wild stories” (Damian Szifron, Argentina)

June 24th 2016. St Michael's fortress / Gibonni, concert

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