Activities Within the EMOUNDERGROUNDS Project Continue


Today, Fortress of Culture held a meeting with stakeholders from creative and cultural industries and presented the European project EMOUNDERGROUNDS at the Juraj Šižgorić city library in Šibenik. The participants on the project are nine partner cities from Italy (Nardo, Capri), Greece (Andravida-Killini), Croatia (Rijeka), Slovenia (Koper, Ivančna Gorica), Montenegro (Bar), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), and Albania (Kukes).

The project is conducted within the Interreg ADRION transnational collaboration program. The project partners have the common goal of increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of included territories, with the aim of strengthening the social and economic development, as well as establishing a sustainable and smart growth of the whole macro-Adriatic region.

Having all that in mind, the participants in the project face the challenging task of creating and promoting a new integrated cultural and tourism product, founded in advanced emotional technologies and innovative marketing tools.

With this meeting, Fortress of Culture seeks to prompt a participative approach to the development and elaboration of their programs. A particular emphasis is put on knowledge on cultural goods managed by the institution, and on creating an integrated approach and a strategic vision for their enhancement, by way of a local network of public and private subjects from the tourism sector. Therefore the meeting also tackled the future program for House of Arts Arsen, the place whose programs and contents will partially spring from the collaboration with the local cultural sector.

As a reminder, the total value of the EMOUNDERGROUNDS project (EMOtional technologies for the cultural heritage valorization within cross-border UNDERGROUNDS) comprises 2.605.497,06 Euros, 85% of which was co-funded from resources from the European Union's ERDF and IPA II funds. Fortress of Culture's budget within that project was something south of 2 million kunas (264.387,78 Euros), while the most significant investment within the project was made toward the implementation of a storytelling VR technology on Šibenik's fortresses.

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