A new project worth 12 million kunas approved to Fortress of Culture


FORTITUDE (Historic Fortresses Intensifying Cross-border Tourism Development) is the titular new project approved for Public Institution in Culture Fortress of Culture Šibenik from within the European cross-border cooperation program Interreg IPA CBC Croatia-Montenegro-Bosnia and Herzegovina!

The total value of the project is about 12 million kunas (1.651.150,80 EUR), while the project idea and its whole application were designed, developed and applied for funding by the Fortress of Culture team. Fortress of Culture is the project holder in collaboration with partners City of Karlovac (HRV), Municipality of Herceg Novi (MNE), Municipality of Bar (MNE), and City of Banja Luka (BIH).

The objective of the project is to strengthen and diversify cultural and tourist offer in cross-border areas, and also to develop more effective and sustainable management over cultural goods. Through this project over the next three years St. Michael’s Fortress will get a series of new contents in its interior rooms, which will include new technological and spatial solutions in the souvenir shop and at the Info Point, the exhibition display inside the underground areas of the fortress, as well as the redecoration of the information center City Point. Decoration and furnishing of the fortress’ interior will thus contribute to the enhancement of experience for daily visitors.

A series of different activities are scheduled within the project, such as strengthening the capacities for cultural heritage management in terms of employee education, launching an international event Night of the Fortresses in collaboration with partners, developing new tourist routes for the fortresses…

''The total amount of resources that our institution will put into carrying this project out equal around 4.1 million kunas (556.000,00 EUR), out of which 85% will be co-financed by European Union from the European Regional Development Fund'' – said Gorana Barišić Bačelić, Fortress of Culture director.

Besides FORTITUDE, it is worth noting Fortress of Culture has had another project approved at the beginning of September of 2019. Project EMOUNDERGROUNDS (EMOtional technologies for the cultural heritage valorization within cross-border UNDERGROUNDS) from the ADRION programme for cross-border cooperation is lead by the project holder Nardo municipality (Italy). The project goal is investing in contents on fortresses to enrich the visitor experience. Fortress of Culture’s budget within this project comprises of 2.1 million kunas (around 290.000,00 EUR). The most significant investment within the project is the implementation of VR technology (virtual reality) for the purpose of storytelling.

In that sense, Fortress of Culture obtained more than 14 million kunas for projects from European funds for the year 2019, assets that will be spent over the three following calendar years.


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