A diverse programme at Šibenik Heritage Showcase


On September 29th, the day when Šibenik celebrates its patron St. Michael, the Fortress of Culture Šibenik is preparing a special programme at its locations: a tour of St. Michael’s Fortress including a review of the results of recent archaeological research presented through the exhibition Mura Incognita, children's workshop at Barone Fortress and Šibenik Heritage Showcase. The event combines gastronomy, presentation of old customs and interesting reviews of Šibenik history and future.



On Saturday, September 25th, starting at 10 AM, archaeologist Andrija Nakić will lead a tour of the St. Michael’s Fortress presenting the fortifications of Šibenik and its surroundings. Many of them have been unknown so far, and they were presented through the exhibition Mura Incognita, which visitors will be able to see during the tour. The gathering is at the fortresses Info Point, with free admission for tour participants.

At the same time, a workshop for children will take place at the Barone Fortress. By making a replica of a medieval Šibenik coin in clay, children learn about trading in Šibenik several centuries ago. The workshop is appropriate for children over 6 years of age, and admission to the fortress is free for them and their entourage. The number of workshop participants is limited.



On Wednesday, September 29th, when Šibenik celebrates its heavenly patron St. Michael entrance to St. Michael’s & Barone Fortress will be free for all visitors (during regular business hours).

Visitors who head to the Barone in the morning hours will be welcomed to the Šibenik Heritage Showcase. The event programme consists of: a tournament in briscola and tressette, favorite card games that are one of the symbols of Dalmatia; cooking a somewhat forgotten dish - čičvarda (traditional Dalmatian stew) and a series of interesting conversations and panels. The first panel deals with the history of cinema in Šibenik, the second takes us back to the time of the vanished state of the Republic of Venice, while the third will give us an insight into how young people see the future of the city and their (eventual) future in it.

Šibenik Heritage Showcase is an event that takes place as part of the EMOUNDERGROUNDS project, which the Fortress of Culture is implementing with 9 partners from 7 countries. Part of the project is the presentation of the tradition of the partner countries, i.e. tangible and intangible heritage through events that those interested can follow via live broadcast. The event will also be broadcast online - details of the program and other information will be announced soon.


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