27. July / 21:30h

Šibenik Dance Festival: TOGETHER TO GET THERE

Choreography and performers: Akira Yoshida & Lali Ayguadé

An encounter between two, a hug, the feeling of the other, communication without words, the feeling of time immersed in a world created between two. A mutual support. A time that expands and stops as if it will never end. A transformation, a shift. Parts begin to fall, others to hold. That instant is forgotten and differences come to light; opposite poles, fragility and strength; the letting go and the desire for control. Balance and instability. The true human nature.

Lali Ayguadé, a Spanish dancer and choreographer. She trained at the Liceu Conservatory and the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona before pursuing further education at PARTS, in Belgium. Lali's professional journey includes joining the Publik Eye Company in Denmark and the renowned Akram Khan Company, where she performed in notable productions such as "Kaash". She also collaborated with artists like Roberto Olivan, Hofesh Shechter, Anton Lachky and Marcos Morau.

Akira Yoshida is a dancer and a choreographer whose backgrounds are breaking and contemporary dance and theater movement. Starting in the streets, he continued studying dance in SEAD, after receiving the main artistic grant of the government of Navarre. Akira danced and collaborated with companies such as QuieroTeatro, Roberto Oliván Performing Arts, Hungry Sharks, Physical Momentum, Lali Ayguadé Company, Peeping Tom, Ceren Oran, Allen´s Line, Yoann Bourgeois, etc.

As the introductory program of the evening, students from the Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance, Zagreb, will perform an excerpt from the performance GORE as part of their stage practice course. The choreography is by Ference Feher and the mentors of the teaching process were Eni Vesović and Gordana Svetopetrić.


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For more details, you can check the rest of the festival program here.

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